Zane's action skills

Looking for some clarification on zane’s skill tree

If I’m choosing to go with 2 action skills and replacing the grenade, will going down the double agent tree and picking a skill such as boom enhance even work?

wanting to rock the under cover and double agent tree’s whilst still benefiting from the grenade perks for the clone but unsure if this will even work

You effectively don’t loose any functionality of grenade mods and your grenade stock is still there. It’s just so that the button that let’s you throw grenades gets it’s function replaced with the second Action Skill.


To add to narf’s statement, a lot of the DA skills give you alternative ways to release your grenade mods


What Narfleks said. You still have a grenade stock and your grenade mod, but you can’t throw grenades on your own because your usual grenade button uses your 2nd action skill instead. So in order to actually use your grenade mod, you need skills like Fractal Frags, Duct Tape Mod, and Drone Delivery. Or you can boost your clone’s stats considerably by spending grenades with Boom Enhance, and regenerate them with Pocket Full of Grenades.


Gearbox confirmed that you can’t throw grenades if you take 2 action skills since the 2nd action skill uses your grenade button. The rest of it was pulled from the skill descriptions in the skill tree:

Drone Delivery
SNTNL will occasionally drop a free grenade, depending on the mod you have equipped

Fractal Frags
The Digi-Clone throws a copy of Zane’s current grenade mod when it first activates. If the Digi-Clone dies, it drops a free grenade. Kill Skill- Killing an enemy while the clone is active gives the clone a chance to throw a grenade

Duct Tape Mod
The first shot fired from Zane’s gun also has the chance to fire a grenade. This skill has a short cooldown.

Boom Enhance
Summoning the Digi-Clone can consume up to three grenades – for each grenade consumed, the Digi-Clone will have increased gun damage, max health, fire rate, reload speed, and duration.

Pocket Full of Grenade
After killing an enemy, Zane gains grenade regeneration for a few seconds.


It’s gonna work.

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I highly recommend using Pocket Full of Grenades with Boom Enahnce, or else you will eat through your grenades very quickly, since Boom Enhance can use up to 3 per summon. Pocket Full of Grenades at 3 points regenerates 20% of a grenade every second for 8 seconds after a kill, which totals up to 1.6 grenades every 8 seconds, getting another kill before the 8 second regen is over resets the timer. So as long as you’re getting at least 1 kill every 8 seconds during combat, you will get your 3 grenades back for use with Boom Enhance every 15 seconds.


yeah definitely going to be pairing the 2 skills together for sure, Thankyou for the information

Something else that’s worth noting, is that the skill text for Drone Delivery says that it drops a free grenade, meaning that it doesn’t use a grenade from your stock. Those other grenade skills seem like they will use grenades from your stock, with the exception of the suicide grenade that your clone drops when dying with the Fractal Frags skill (which also says it’s a free grenade), so you definitely want Pocket Full of Grenades if you’re using Boom Enhance or Duct Tape Mod, and Pocket Full of Grenades will also help to regenerate grenades that the clone can throw with Fractal Frags’ kill skill effect.

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there are much better ways to play zane but anything will suffice in normal mode.