Zane's Adrenaline skill bugged? Topped Off's effects stacking?

So at first I thought Topped Off was bugged for me, but after some testing it seems Adrenaline is bugging out for me. First, this is the build I’ve been using with this comm for all of this. At no point did any gear or skills change.

At the beginning of the day, my barrier had a cooldown of 2 seconds. After unlocking Shield Reboot through Guardian Skills, the cooldown for my barrier was slightly over 6 seconds. After respecing and using the same exact build, my barrier has a cooldown of just above 4 seconds. I am clueless as to what is causing the differences in these times, if you know anything that could be causing this please let me know.

EDIT- Respeced again, the cooldown for the barrier using the same exact build and gear is now 3 seconds long.

After some more testing, I have found some consistency in the issue. Upon loading up my save, the cooldown for the barrier is always 6 seconds. However, after respecing and specing into the same exact build, the cooldown is reduced to 5 seconds. Respecing again brings it down to 4 seconds, and doing it again brings it down to 3 and then finally down to 2 seconds. Respecing and specing into the same build at this point doesn’t yield a shorter cooldown, it remains at 2 seconds. However, going to the main menu and loading up the save again returns the cooldown back to 6 seconds and the same process needs to be done to get back to the 2 second cooldown.

After even more testing, I have discovered that Adrenaline was actually doing nothing and that repeating the respecing process (using Rise to the Occasion instead of Adrenaline) I achieved the same 2 cooldown time that I did with Adrenaline. This resets back to a 6 second cooldown after reloading the save still. I speculate that the effects of Topped Off are being stacked through respecing somehow, but I am cluess as to how I originally had a 2 second cooldown to begin with over multiple play sessions.

Nothing is confirmed though and I appreciate any help I get with this issue.

How do you get the barrier to have a cool down of 2 seconds??? My barrier cool down is at least like 15 seconds

Well try the same build I am using while having the Topped Off guardian skill in the Hunter tree. However, the cooldown times are wildly inconsistent for me right now so you might not get the same cooldown time. Respecing seems to change the cooldown timer though, but I am clueless as to what is causing the inconsistencies.

Have you swapped shields?

I’ve tried using multiple shields, all result with the same issue.

Are you using a relic with shield perks? Also are you playing solo?

I am playing solo, my relic does not effect shields or cooldowns.

Hmm I was wondering if a moze was affecting it, but if you play solo it could be bugged

I updated the original post with some additional testing I did, I believe it is an issue w/ Topped Off’s effects stacking, reducing the cooldown after respecing multiple times. If you have characters other than Zane to try the same method I used above to see if you get similar results I’d appreciate it.

What do you mean by effects of topped off, I dont see a skill with that name

Topped Off is in your Guardian Ranks, it’s a skill in the Hunter Tree(Green). If you have 50 Guardian Tokens spent in the Hunter tree, you have Topped Off.

Oh, I never played attention to the names of the guardian ranks