Zane's anointed abilities have a hard cap on duration

Hello everyone first time posting here but I figured this warranted some attention. So I have been playing as Zane from the very beginning (favorite character hands down). I recently came across a design feature(not bug I will explain later) for Zane’s anointed ablilty gear.

I have been a using Seein’ dead kill skill build using the Hitman and Double agent skill trees. And with this build my actions skills tend to stay up all most indefinitly. For example I have ran the Mayhem 4 Maliwan takedown(post update) and I only need to deploy them once and they stay up(minus Wotan just because it can get tricky to keep landing hits) for that whole combat.

Now last month when GearBox launched the one of their farming events I got an anointed Warlord with the anointed “while Digi-clone is active, regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per secound.”. And as anyone should in my opinion I jumped on it regen ammo while digi clone is up and it almost always is up along with the ability that 30% of the time it dosen’t consume ammo that is insane.

So I started using it and that is when I noticed the hard cap because after a bit ot would stop regenerating ammo while digi-clone was up. So then I did some testing, I could switch off warlord and back onto it and this would cause the annointed to retriger, OK, then I timed it. And I found that even on a anointment that say “While Digi-clone is active…” it would time out after 35 seconds give or take. But that does make sense because with Borrowed time and Boom, Enhance, Digi-clone’s duration should top out at around 35 seconds.

And let me say this right off the bat I am not mad about this just a little disappointed I still use warlord because why not. I just thought I would bring this to the table because I didn’t see any other posts about it and figured I should say something because as far as I am aware some of Zanes other annointed skills are like this “While SNTNL is active…” or “While Barrier is active…”.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post I just want to lay out all my thoughts on this


SNTL active annoint never ends if SNTL is deployed.

There is also a bug with digiclone 3% health regen. It stops when any action skill ends and even just stops working like the 12%.

These have never been fixed and i dont understand why?

I’d argue that’s still a bug. I mean, even before Seein’ Dead was a thing, Zane could still considerably prolong his action skill with good misfortune or keep it up indefinitely with Calm, Cool, Collected, so the fact that the effect only lasts about as long as the action still would stay up without any skills that can further prolong its uptime just seems like an oversight.

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Honestly I think it is because everyone hates the double agent skill tree so no one voiced that.

They are too focused on GM with Seein Dead.

Double agent still gets plenty of love from rocket builds, one of the more powerful ones, however most use 130% dmg increase + double barrel if you swap quick enough I think you can stack it again with 40% more dmg, plus PD

But even before seein dead you could run GM with a Clone drone setup. Which would not be the level its at with seein dead but still longer than 35 sec given the clone doesn’t die. This has to be a bug the ammo regen from this anoint is not OP compared to other vault hunters.

It for sure is buggy.

Barrier accuracy also has this bug. Had a Flood I would need to swap periodically to reactivate the anointment.

I didnt know about the barrier accuracy, that sucks.

Incredible this hasnt been patched and has been known about for months.