Zane's Barrier Bug is back?

The reason I think it’s related to some form of splash damage (I call it that only because I don’t know how best to describe it) and not just the COV weapons is, I can stand in the middle of a dropped barrier and not get hit. But if I move close to the edge of the barrier, I start to take damage, the closer I get, the more damage I take. If the projectiles were just bugged and going through, then I should take damage regardless of where I am in the barrier.

So in my experience, it suggests that the “bullets” are hitting the barrier and explode. That explosion is large enough that it will hit me if I hold the barrier. But if I drop it, and stand say 3/4 of the diameter away from the edge being shot, I’ll be OK. But as that distance to the edge decreases, the more damage I take.

A brief test against the Wotan spheres that fire the barrage of missiles seems to show that with the barrier dropped, the damage I take is lessened, again pointing to splash damage. But those fights are a bit too intense for me to do a solid test. Maybe those people doing the 7-min Wotan runs can test it out if they are so inclined.

It’s possible that there a multiple bugs at work here. I haven’t tried dropping the barrier against every enemy that seems to hit me through it. But for the COV Badass Zealots, it seems to be a splash-damage issue. Also there aren’t the normal splash visuals on my screen. Not sure if that’s a performance setting issue or not.

Regardless of the cause, there is some sort of bug at work. Though I’m afraid they may say it’s working as intended.

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Well I had some shots go through my barrier that were from normal mobs not rockets(or any other splash weapon) so that’s probably what people are talking about. Always remember just because we thought one thing yesterday doesn’t mean its the same today new patches break new ■■■■.

My experience was before the second epic patch that fixed some of the other broken things so maybe it will be fine now but I’m not playing Zane atm to check.


I replicated your test and it definitely is splash damage, but I have never been damaged by a badass zealot while my barrier was active and being carried and when I was not moving towards the area of effect(sometimes if I run directly toward splash damage at full speed I will take damage). So, for whatever reason, the splash damage radius of the badass zealots weapons has been increased. I wonder if that is intentional or a bug. I hope they will just put it back to normal, but I’ve now speced into more defensive skills so I can deal with it.

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the ting who make me doubt about the Splash damage explaination, its that the only rockets who pierce the barrier are always vladoff or COV (the "fast and small "vladoff rockets are the worst , and they have a very small area of explosion , but they pass through the barrier like it dont exist) .
If I have a badass with a rocket launcher of any other kind, even with a MASSIVE radius, he dont touch me at all .

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and its definitively a bug : in december, the bug came (look at the number of zane’s player who were tlaking about that on this period) . There was a hotfix who was made to change that (and it works, cause i didnt had this problem when i bought the game on steam ) , but I think that with all the recent changes on the game , the hotfix gone mad.

Based on the video evidence provided by myself and by @Talzar13’s barrier test video there is no reason to doubt the splash damage explanation because it’s not mutually exclusive with your own observations. Your observations suggests to me that in addition to the splash damage issue some weapons are bypassing the barrier all together. So for anyone else experiencing this issue again I recommend recording it, posting the recording to YouTube, then opening a support ticket with 2K support and provide the video evidence. I would also advise you to link your video here in order to help increase awareness of the enemies/weapons that are affected.

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I’ve noticed this as well, most often when fighting Wotan. I could not figure out why sometimes the barrage of micro-rockets (and larger rockets) would rip me up and other times did little damage.

If I am backpedaling or circle strafing , I take little or no damage. But running towards the fire (yeah, GREAT idea Ava!) would wreck my day. Often dropping me to a sliver of health.

And if there is an issue with the splash damage (which may be larger than the explosion graphics), then as we move towards the fire, we’re moving into the blast, taking more damage. Moving perpendicular or away from the fire reduces the distance, and thus the damage.

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Not sure if you’ve ran Takedown since the patch yet but Wotan is now also shooting through the Barrier full stop and I don’t mean his nades or Mortars. I also had several different things that weren’t splash in Slaughter Shaft going through it. One of them was a Sniper mob with a Dhal Sniper and another couple times it was a Tink with I don’t know what weapon but it didn’t seem to be splash. I have no doubt the splash explanation is also a problem but it’s not the only thing happening.

I actually hope the Wotan thing is an intended change because it actually added a bit of danger where previously you could just ignore his shots.

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I think that if all of this are intentional changes, they should write it in the Patch notes .
They write all the little details about a changinf of FX, texture or light effect, and they “forget” to write a MAJOR change like that?
If its intentional , its stupid to forget that.
If its not …well, its also stupid ^^ .
In any case, i hope that everyone have send a message to the support team.,even if we wont have an answer ( and an hotfix) for a while.
I can imagine that the launch of the DLC (and all the troubles that they got) had big consequences for the massive number of messages they received.

that s strange, I ve run the takedown today and no attack of Wotan can reach me through barrier. On the other hand, the flying sphere thrown by one of the Valkyrie seems to hit me (same projectiles as genVIII that definitely hit me). But again we are on different platforms so not sure if the behavior is the same

Can’t say what was causing it as I only did one run of Takedown with Zane. And it was only in the double shield phase that it started happening but every shot of his laser bullet attack was going through. Not sure what modifier I had may very well have been 2x projectile.

Until December (don’t know if they have fixed that, only started playing again with the DLC), additional bullets were piercing the barrier. So without 2x projectile the old Takedown was pretty doable with a shield build and as soon as you got 2x projectiles you were better off reloading.

Yeah I don’t thimk it has to do with splash because the projectiles are going straight through the barrier as i jump around like a chicken with my head cutoff.

I figured the reason: I was running a transformer, once I equipped another shield a lot more stuff started to hit me.

For some odd reason some of y’all miss or ignore the following …

So it’s not either/or but instead it’s clearly BOTH!

Maybe I need to restate the argument in full.

Dear reader and @Noelle_GBX ,

Given my own recorded video evidence and the video evidence provided by @Talzar13 and the confirmation testing performed by @calebismybro it is CLEARLY the case that some AoE/splash damage weapons/enemies interact with Zane’s barrier such that when picked up or when on the ground but the player is standing too close to the edge of the barrier, the player takes damage.

When looking at the video evidence in those cases it’s clear that the projectiles are NOT passing through the barrier therefore the conclusion arrived at by @Talzar13 and confirmed by my own testing/video and @calebismybro appears valid. Let’s label that scenario the splash damage conclusion.

Now it is ALSO the case that some have observed different enemies/weapons where the projectiles ignore the barrier entirely. This is NOT the splash damage scenario but is instead a different but related issue. Let’s call this one the bypass conclusion.

So what we have here are two separate situations where Zane’s barrier is not functioning as it should. In the splash damage conclusion some, not all, AoE/splash damage weapons can leak through the barrier and in the bypass conclusion some projectiles bypass the barrier entirely.


For me the one Valkyrie that fires the shock-projectiles will penetrate my barrier if I’m holding it, but not if I drop it. I have a Transformer, so the pools of shock don’t hurt me, but the projectile itself just rips through my shield and health. My guess is that it’s doing some sort of explosion or there’s a non-shock component to it.

The bouncy balls similar to Gigamind wreck me if I’m charging towards them. Same with Wotan’s rockets and mini-lasers. But if I’m strafing, or backpedaling, then I’m usually ok. So while there is the splash/explosion issue that’s been documented, there appears to be a straight up velocity issue.

I’m trying to figure out how to test this, but I suspect that our move speed might be partly to blame. I think it takes a brief moment for the game engine to register that a projectile has hit our barrier. But when we are moving, and we can move really fast with our skills, that complicates the matter. Simple physics (well virtual physics) would mean if we are running towards the fire, the total velocity of the projectile hitting our barrier is increased.

This could mean that the game engine can’t process the projectile hitting our barrier before it’s passed the barrier, so we take damage. It’s just a theory, as I can’t create a consistent situation to test it. But anecdotally, it seems that regardless of the projectile type, moving towards it will more likely result in taking damage than moving away from it. And of course when holding the barrier, it’s closer to us so we’re more likely to take damage from anything that even “slightly” bypasses it.

Another thing I have notice is the Mailwan heavy projectiles seem to bounce off my barrier if I’m standing still or have it dropped. But they explode for a lot of damage if I’m running towards them. This is most noticeable with the corrosive ones, especially the ones from the Traunts. Again, this is just speculation based on behaviors that can’t be explained by the splash damage issue. Which these might be related to the barrier processing time. /shrug.

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Let put all the semantics aside and agree that’s it’s a bug and should be fixed. Let’s all let Gearbox fix it because none of us are programmers.

The badass zealot using vladof launcher is definitely wrong you can be still and far away and all his projectiles goes through the barrier (carried)he is the only enemy in Anvil that can do that. Even The badass zealot using torgue launcher can t go through the barrier (carried one)

The anvil is horrible because of them and the multiple anointed. I get at least 3 at a time in each encounter zone. Try dropping the barrier if you can get some space between you and the other baddies.

When I encounter them now, I back up, get some cover and drop my barrier. Sometimes I’ll just drop my barrier and move away from the area, buys me time. Then I come back with my sniper rifle and a fresh barrier.

With Deterrence Field, I can keep out, or at least slow down, most enemies while my barrier is deployed. Once the badass zealots are taken care of, I pick it and deal with the rest of the trash.

honestly, it seems to me that for cov mobs the only bug is the vladof ‘bullet style’ launcher that requires you to drop barrier. All the others brands of launchers sported by badasses are stopped by the mobile barrier , it can even stop the purple ball explosion from anointed. Then again I am sick that is it to players to constantly test for bugs in this game.