Zane's barrier... Explain! (Noob to Zane!)

Is barrier supposed to block all bullets and kinetic rockets? And what percentage of damage reduction does it provide when picked up??

It blocks all incoming bullets and rockets (though apparently there’s sometimes a bug where certain projectiles can get through). It doesn’t provide outright damage resist when picked up but any projectile that gets blocked won’t hit you, so…
It should be noted that all of the augments on the left side on his green tree (charged relay, Nanites or some â– â– â– â– â– , redistribution) do not work when the barrier is picked up whereas the ones on the left side (All-Rounder and Deterrence Field) do.


Also know that splash dmg, depending in radius, can go through barrier. Any damage you walk over such as lava, shock, ice will also go through as you walk over it.

The barrier is a great asset, but just be aware of your surroundings and down time.


Wait, so the left side of the tree doesn’t work while the barrier carried?

Yes. That’s the augments which you equip on the action skill. The regular skills obviously do. Anything that requires Zane to stand close or next to the barrier doesn’t work whilst he’s got the barrier picked up.


Did not know this! Thank you.

Thank you. Let the battle testing commence! :smiley::sunglasses:

is that intended? or is it yet another bug?

it is not a bug. there is never a straight answer from gearbox about anything but we have brought up this since almost day 1 and they never said anything about it, we can only assume that it is intended. but 99.99% it is intended.

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Well they are not that good at wording, I can see why charged relay works like that since you have to “touch the barrier” . Concerning “nanites” and “redistribution” it’s ambiguous wording since when you are holding the barrier you are de facto “near to it’”? :rofl:

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