Zane's Barrier is broken again

Watching enemies shoot straight through the barrier while playing slaughter shaft…


Yes, it’s still bugged. Well the COV enemies are bugged, specifically versions of the Badass Zealots, with rifles. As soon as I hear that distinct sound I run for cover. But sometimes you just can’t get away.

I’m hoping it gets fixed in the next patch. It’s something that can’t be fixed in a hot-fix, I guess.

Record it, upload the footage to YouTube (or somewhere else) then open a support ticket explaining what’s going on and include the link to the video evidence. Below is the link to 2K support.

They will try to convince you via email that it’s you not them but keep replying until you get through to a human who saw the video footage/evidence. You should also post the footage on this topic and tag Noelle_gbx.

I’m re-posting my own evidence here to hopefully increase the visibility of this issue.

@noelle_gbx Pls note that Zane is taking damage while holding the barrier. I’ve submitted a support ticket (#5428489) via the 2K support site but if you put this in front of the right ppl that would be great. Thanks.


I have noticed this as well, I believe the issue stems from the fact that the barrier radius is smaller when you are holding it then if it is on the ground (for some unknown reason), whatever is causing it it is really annoying, I play Zane more than any other vault hunter and this is the sole reason I almost never go against the COV. I’ll take the annointed spam of high mayhem levels over this issue any day, since at least barrier gives reliable protection against all the annointed range attacks.

You’re correct on the radius. I’ve tested it against rocket-COV badasses. If I drop the Barrier, the rockets don’t hit me (as expected) and the the splash damage doesn’t hit me or it’s very little. Elemental hits on the ground can spill inside, but those are easy to avoid. The worse are the ones that lob the radioactive blobs, as those seem to leak through and cover a huge area compared to say even the fire.

But if I hold my Barrier, then while the rockets may not be hitting me, the splash damage does. Elemental attacks are even worse, and some seem to pass through without hitting the Barrier at all. This was happening in Slaughter Shaft last night. I chalked it up to just bad luck, but afterwards my friends were saying they were getting hit a lot more often as well.

Also, we were all having issues picking up our Barriers. Even looking right at the projector, there would be a delay before the prompt showed up and no amount of spamming could get it to pick up any faster. It feels as if the hit box for picking up the barrier has been reduced. I have no way of proving it though, but every week we seem to have a harder time with the Barrier.

Did another test against the dreaded Badass Zealot with the guns that appear to go through the barrier. It seems that the guns have a sizable splash effect and when we hold the barrier, the radius is smaller than the splash radius.

But if the barrier is on the ground, and you are in the middle, you should be safe. In my test, I walked toward the edge facing the fire and as I got closer, I started taking damage. So the barrier is working, in so far as stopping the projectile. But it doesn’t protect against splash damage.

So either we need a larger radius on the barrier, the splash damage needs to be decreased, or the barrier needs to be tweaked to either block the projectile splash damage or something. But that appears to be what’s causing my barrier to be less than helpful against those COV badass Zealots.

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Do you have Dome enabled in your skills tree? I noticed that when I re-specd, I didn’t choose the option to make the shield into a dome. I went into Takedown and was getting hit from all sides when I picked it up. I went back and fixed it in my skills tree and now I don’t get hit when I pick it up.

Ok… I stand corrected. I was just on Takedown in TVHM and Wotan was hitting me through my dome shield.

For me it’s those spheres that launch the storm of tiny rockets that rip through my barrier the most. Wotan’s attacks for the most part rarely hit me. It seems that attacks from the top don’t penetrate the barrier, but attacks that hit the sides do. I’m not sure why, and I haven’t been able to do a solid test, because the enemies won’t follow instructions.

But looking at the size and shape of the barrier in both configurations, I can see why we’re taking so much damage. I should have used photo mode to get a shot of where I was standing, but it was about half way from the projector and the edge of the barrier, when I started getting hit by the COV.

There is not a lot of room in our barrier when we hold it,

compared to when it’s deployed.

Is this on Mayhem 4 or True Takedown Mode. If so, there could be modifiers for double damage or double projectiles or both.
Also when fighting Killavolt you can’t deploy barrier. You have to deploy it and pick it up before you jump down to fight him.

Mayhem 4 on both. Scaled Takedown for Wotan, just COV badass zealots for the other. Kenneth wasn’t involved. The modifiers aren’t the issue as far as I have been able to tell. Unless there’s a “limit” to how many projectiles the barrier can stop. Which I have not seen any proof of. And that would not explain getting ripped up by a single COV BA but not a horde of other COV.

I submitted video of the COV fight to 2K as part of my ticket with them.

Basically, with the barrier on the ground, I can stand in the middle and take no damage from the COV BA zealot. But if I pick it up, or walk close to the edge, I take damage. The closer I am to the edge, the more damage I take.

Once I’m maybe 3/4 of the way from the projector to the edge, it’s like the barrier isn’t there at all. That’s about the distance between the barrier and us when we pick it up. So, the COV BA zealot guns have a bigger splash radius than is visually detectable.

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One modifier which might be an issue for the Wotan fight is “enemy explosions have increased area of effect.”

However, while doing the Slaughter Shaft on Zane, it didn’t seem like the modifiers were in play. Badass zealots, especially hardened, were able to bypass the barrier with their launchers. Perhaps even some of the badass militants too.

That’s a good point, because this is really about the splash radius. But I know even without that modifier, badass zealots (BAZ) with certain COV and Vladof weapons can “bypass” the barrier. From my test, this appears to be due to the splash damage radius. And I wonder if the patch a while back to address the visual clutter from COV heavy weapons might be partially responsible.

From my test, I wasn’t seeing any visual cues as to the area of the splash damage, just the depletion of my shield. The projectiles just look like small flashes of yellow. This is in contrast to the COV (I think usually goliaths) heavy that uses a splash-grenade launcher, for lack of a better term.

So these BAZ have these weapons that appear to fire large bullets but seem to do splash damage. That’s why I can stand in the middle of a dropped barrier and not take any damage until I move closer to the edge.

If the mayhem modifier that increases splash radius is in play, that could be why other non-BAZ are also getting through the barrier.

As for the Wotan fight, I have no idea what was going on there. After I killed both halves, one of the prototype spawns or leftover spheres destroyed me. I have no idea what hit me, but I was down before I could react. When I spawned back in, the prototype was still ripping through my barrier and shields. But it wasn’t touching me during the main fight. Very odd.

Here’s the video I submitted with my ticket.
Barrier Test Video