Zane's Barrier needs this functionality

Since Zane’s Barrier is being picked up most of the time (basically 95% or more of the times for me personally) it feels incredibly clunky that you have to throw it on the ground, then walk up to it and press another key to pick it up.

It would make gameplay soooo much smoother if you could simply hold your action skill key down for half a second to make it directly activate in a picked-up state. This should be fairly simple to implement technically, too. Just throw the Barrier out on key release instead of press. If held, don’t throw it out, but rather activate it in the picked-up state.

Please add this change. It would make it so much smoother to use.


I’d say auto equip it on start or make it equip the barrier, no matter how far Zane’s away from it.

I’d say no. The barrier in essence isn’t meant to be picked up for majority of time. The barrier is meant to be put on the ground as a tactical point of attack. Then moved to a new place and out down again.

Unfortunately the meta of violent momentum and movement Zane is counter to this and the bonuses on the barrier do scale this out.

Now, as they buff Zane’s other skills and builds this will become more apparent and what should be done is up the bonuses of the barrier when it is grounded to make it as viable to use this way as Violent momentum builds are.

Asking for instant barrier pickup is counter to how Zane’s barrier is supposed to be played. Just like asking for Moze to be able to call in Iron Bear and not have to hop in and out for auto bear. People want this for annoints and because action skills aren’t worth it. However in Mozes buffs now Iron Bear is worth it… let’s hope they fix Zane’s barrier to do the same.


I care little for what you think it is meant to do and then say no to something that is just an added option. This attitude from people on basically all game forums when people ask for optional settings, always someone has to come in and say, no, you can’t have that option because it doesn’t suit me personally. shrug

For me, it would be an extreme convenience, and it wouldn’t impact your gameplay in the slightest because nobody is forcing you to use something that is optional.

I absolutely hate clunky gameplay, and the barrier is clunky gameplay for me.

@Mortac you posted on an open forum which means anyone can post a reply. People are allowed to have a difference of opinion. You don’t have to care for my response, but don’t expect me not to give it because your little snowflake personality gets butt hurt when someone disagrees with you.
Also your “Extreme convenience” is a couple seconds then you are set with an endless barrier considering Zane’s action skill uptime. Also your distaste for clunky gameplay is your own problem considering you are the one choosing to use it in the way you are using it… If you “absolutely hate” it so much… don’t use it.

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yo tattas are clunky barrier is strongest defensive skill in game and it is OP like no tomorrow and honestly all rounder should not even exist. you do not get that binding action skill to same button with two different functionalities would be clunky? if that was done then people would complain they want to throw barrier but it dos not register because game needs a second to understand weather you are pressing or hitting once, nobody has some perfect timing tap for their action skill. other way would be to have an option like quicktime events weather you prefer hold or tap but that is such a stretch.

i am not gonna argue it is unpleasant to pick it up but you definitely can not state that it should not be thrown first. now if we talking separate bind for on hold action skill randy also stated that you have to be very careful since at some point in the game somewhere that key may have to be used for some other action. honestly you could just create a macro on your own which spams your action skill button if it bothers you so much.

p.s. tactically placed barrier is a bae say no to pickups

It’s not about being butt hurt, it’s about you saying no to a convenience request that wouldn’t even affect you if you don’t want to use it. Then you try to validate your personal opinion by telling people how the skill should be used, again in your personal opinion. I never asked for something to change or get removed so there is no reason to say no to it. I already know there are a lot of people out there that use the shield as I do and find this clunky as well.

Then you follow up by telling me I shouldn’t even use the skill. Great. Thanks for your contribution and wonderful solution. I guess now I should apologize for having a suggestion? You’re really something else.