Zane's barrier should auto-equip

As the title suggests. Zane’s dps would go up if didn’t have to deploy the barrier then pick it up. It feels clunky having to drop the barrier , wait a second then pick it up. It’s annoying. Sometimes I can’t even pick it up because when there’s a lot of loot on the ground the prompt to pick up the barrier doesn’t even show up. Just let me be able to activate the barrier and have it auto-equip please. These are the type of things that can make Zane stronger without directly adding skill points or buffing his skills. Please for the love of god just let the barrier auto-equip when activated. To my Zane mains out there what do you guys think?


Well i woulndt make the point for dps right now, since zanes dps is quite good atm because of the seein dead mod. BUT i do agree a 100% with the clunkyness of pickig up the barrier. It breaks the flow and as you said with loot on the ground or in MP picking up the barrier is very annoying.

I dont know how complicated it would be to implenent a “hold button to autoequip” mechanic, but i’d appreciate such a change.

Its a minor issue though so i dont expect a change soon or at all.


I don’t mind throwing it 1st, especially when a team mate is FFYL. Small delay in picking up the most OP thing in BL3, sure why not.


i disagree i like my 25% amp and working nanites augment. why should i lose time to drop it down when someone just wannts to run and gun? better solution is to have animation times cut, instant deploy and more responsive pickup.


Yea. A press to drop and hold to equip sounds perfect. Everyone ends up being happy.


Considering the barrier makes you virtually invulnerable AND can be active for the full duration of nearly every fight AND you can run/slide/mantle with it AND it can boost your damage, the split-second delay and extra click is a non-issue IMO.


If you pick up the shield it leaves you vulnerable to rockets, grenades, and elemental puddles. And how are your teammates gonna find cover under it, if you’re wearing it?


I personally would like a reduction in deploy time because it can take up to 4-5 seconds (from activating) before you can pick it up. Pretty frustrating.


I was about to create a topic about this :sweat_smile:

My idea, just swap the use of the Barrier :

  • 1st use = Deploy the Barrier on Zane
  • 2nd use = Drop the Barrier on the ground

Makes more sense in that way, and should be easier from a dev point of vue.
Could even become an option in Game Options so everyone could choose the way he wants to use the Barrier :wink:


I just never see people using it as a group defense. Try getting an Amara player to stay still lol. Seriously though in this game you can’t sit still. Zane’s true dps comes from moving fast and dropping a shield for your mates is detrimental to his dps and survivability. I say play how you want but if your playstyle is dependant on dropping your barrier on the ground then you’re playing Zane wrong. As I posted it’s a quality of life thing.


The main problem is the clunkiness and flow.

Its annoying, this is a game of constant action and smoothness of play.

We arent playing a PvP where balance changes should effect the enjoyment of smooth gameplay.

It’s slightly clunky, yes. I personally like that there’s some realism to it. You’re deploying a physical device and it’s powerful so I’m ok if it’s not instant-one-click easy. Same with Iron Bear. People complain that you can’t click once and be instantly in or out of IB. It’s a tank that makes you invulnerable and does massive damage, so again I’m ok that there is a time/flow penalty for getting those huge benefits, just like I’m ok that the Cutsman has a slight charge up time and slow projectiles. If Cutsman rounds were instant and did as much damage as they do, you might was well ignore every other gun in the game. I like that you’re forced to make trade offs and that there is a cost to getting some benefits. Anyway, these are just my 2 cents.


I started using it to Lock enemies in. I love the throw.

I want to be able to just switch in the skill tree between which one loads first. Options… Options… Options…

I don’t agree with the dps point.

But I also rarely notice a Zane with a domed barrier ather than an equipped one.

Given this logic, would it make sense to invert the operation.
So on deployment your barrier is equipped, but you can elect to drop - as other have stated useful for when someone is down.

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What? lol. People I play with know that when I am there, they get my shield.

Fl4k can utilize barrier very well.


Redistributor Amp shots all get ricochet. Fl4k has Megavore auto crits.

Fl4k shooting a Redistributor through a barrier win be chains and crits forever.

Team barrier usage is how the skill was designed originally, and is why the three support augments only work on the ground.

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I understand your point of view but (with all due respect) Flak doesn’t need Zanes barrier to do damage and Zane needs it to do damage. Another thing to take into consideration is that this is a fast paced game and sitting still gets you killed 9 out of ten times. The way enemies move, flank, jump and fly can be disorientating. Amara players can’t stand still. Flak to needs to move around a bit too just to survive long enough to trigger lifesteal abilities. Moze is in constant motion majority of the time, popping grenades and dealing splash damage. While Zane has to constantly keep moving to trigger Violent Momentum so dropping a barrier is probally the worst thing to do as a Zane player. I understand some people like dropping their barrier and trying to help other people and is probally pheasable at lower levels but when you start doing M4 Takedowns and Circle of Slaughters you soon find that that’s no longer viable. Let me put it like this. I have over 1000 hrs of playtime and I can say with no exaggeration that not once have come across another Zane player who drops their shield for pure support. Maybe to pick up an ally here and there but nothing else. I can say as a Zane player that being technically the weakest of the vault hunters stings hence we have to super min/max our builds and anointments. The other vault hunters have a little leeway with how they build. Living the Zane life ain’t easy but i can say it can gratifying.

It’s. A. Barrier. You can sit still and be safe.

You literally miss the point that you can be a team player with the Barrier and that this game was built as a team game. The Barrier as a drop is a godsend on the bridge in m4 True takedown because your team can get in for a moment to recharge or redirect or just dodge an orb of death.

And actually, if you’re trying to block an attack, you absolutely wanna drop it first. Let’s talk about Wotan missile barrages. If they’re coming. Throw the Barrier and have your team under it. Boom. You all just got saved. Meanwhile, having the Barrier apply on just you MIGHT save you. But with how haphazard splash can get. There’s a chance it won’t.

And to the Fl4k thing. No. Fl4k doesn’t need more damage. But what they do need is survivability. And giving them a barrier puts Zane in a support role that let’s Fl4k stand still for their Turn Tail skill. Get more damage from Shield amp.

The thing about the Barrier tree is that’s it helps create a support Zane. A barrier for Fl4k. Freeze things for Amara. Shield distribution so Moze can run both a capacity shield and something else. There’s a lot of team mechanics I think a lot of this forum overlooks because the focus is soooo much on How To Solo The Content.


Lol. I’m not trying be a jerk but that’s the dumbest thing ever. You act like dropping it in the middle of the bridge is safe. You do know that enemies can move don’t you. Like the spec hounds jumping right in the middle of your barrier and doing the aoe electrical attack depleting your shield in an instant. How about stormchukker heavies throwing their electric tripwires right in the middle of your barrier? Or how you can’t pick up your barrier while there’s loot around because the pick up barrier prompt is obscured by the pick up loot prompt. Dude your obviously not a Zane player or you would know that these are actual concerns for a Zane player.