Zane's barrier tree rework and other buff concepts

The green tree is underwhelming let’s be honest. Only about 5 skills are useful in it, the rest are either underperforming or straight garbage and it’s always unwise to fully go down the tree for the capstone, especially since orange and blue tree have better skills to help Zane.

The Barrier tree should give bonus damage without having to move around like the other trees. This tree is for people who would like to stay in one place or sit comfortably in their barrier and deal high damage that way while having their other action skills do some work on the enemies as well, so now I’ll go over some changes I would do the green tree that’ll make it useful in mayhem levels AND create more diversity in builds:

Hearty Stock: Increased from 30% maximum to 50% maximum.

Stiff Upper Lip: Increased from 16% maximum to 32% maximum.

Best Served Cold: Cryo efficiency increased (slows and freezes enemies faster). Now increases damage done slowed/frozen targets depending on how slow they go. Slowed targets (works with drone’s Bad Dose) give 35% more damage and completely frozen targets give 60% more damage.

Futility Belt: Now stacks twice. Each stack also increases cyro efficiency by 40%.

Nerves of Steel: Now works just like Confident Competence. Added bonus: Aiming gives 20% more damage maximum.

Refreshment: (rework).
Zane deals more critical damage to slowed/Frozen targets (40% slowed and 70% frozen). He then gains 20% of his health back when he kills a slowed/frozen

Barrier Augment buffs:

Augments now work when holding the barrier but doesn’t effect allies when you’re holding it.

Charged Relay: Added bonus, now gives 13% fire rate (this so Charged Relay can be about offense and Nanites or some sh*** can be about defense)

Retaliation: Increased from 10% to 20% .

Deterrence Field: Increased shock damage and staggering time on enemies. The bigger the enemies, the longer it takes to stagger but the longer they stay staggered.

Drone augment buffs:

Winter’s Drone now has increased eficiency (freezes enemies faster).

Almighty Ordinance now has a lock-on system (can lock on up to 6 enemies), increased damage by A LOT, has a cooldown of 20 seconds, and deals damage to nearby enemies as well.

Bad Dose increased efficiency of weakening enemy fire rate and movement speed and increased efficiency of buffing zane (this is to actually tell a difference). Radiation damage increased slightly.

Static Field: Increased damage done to enemy shields

Seein Red Rework:

Now has the ability of the seein dead class mod (the class mod should still give kill skill bonus but should work differently)

Note: These buffs are to make the Drone a more versatile action skill and make it to where the player now chooses what they want their drone to act like. It can be very offensive and deal high damage or it can be more of a support.

Clone augment buff:

Binary System: increased cyro efficiency (freezes faster)

Like a Ghost skill rework:

Zane and his digi-clone gain a chance to ignore bullets after a kill. (Up to 25% maximum).

Trick of the Light rework:

Zane and his digi-clone deals 50% more cyro damage to enemies that damage them.

Idk if this is too op I just want Zane players to have the option to do damage without having to move all time. That way, many zane players can play however they want to play.


I’d at least like the barrier to keep its other effect when you pick it up as a dome. Only the shock field one works.

CCC could also use a rework, since the benefits are things you can already get from guardian skills, or are unneeded since his ASA time is already more than enough.
End cap replacement for sure.

Would be good if the tree was more survival focused, but with actual balanced skills.

Like, the damage reduction one; make it a flat increase rather than ‘resist last damage type’.

End cap skill could give stat boosts to equipped shield while near his shield.

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Honestly you make good points. Especially the end cap, I didn’t think about that.

Cryo efficiency is redundant in the green tree since we have brainfreeze, but apart from that I’d take those.
Hearty stock would probably still be the only one I use out of the green tree but who knows.

I said it once and I say it again.
I think the easiest way to make the green tree viable is to keep the defensive effects as they are… while barrier is not active and add offensive effects for when it is.

They’ve already added effects in the past with russian offensive. And they wouldn’t have to admit that the whole tree is a complete failure.

Prior to M2.0, it was still an EXTREMELY viable tree to spec in. Anointments and M2.0 scaling butchered this tree.

GBX has no idea what they did to their own game,…

Was it really though? I feel like it was more a bite in the bullet to get brainfreeze, CC and CCC.

DD had some decent builds, Jakobs NoS combo great for executor, REJ great defense , CCC.

I still ran green tree before and even after M2.0 up to quitting with Executor M10, I don’t tend to the Meta.

(WARNING: Below is back when I would consider game was fun and could run a variation of builds and gear, this is Pre-M2.0)
This was a Drone/Dome build with CCC Executor w/ NoS old M4 mayhem 1.0:

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This was also when the Maggie was dope. Maggie fell on hard times when M2.0 debuted.

“decent” is up to definition, I’d say. I was running dome/clone back in the day. It was fun, but gimmicky and slow. Fun nonetheless, especially fitting for co-op which I was doing . But probably not decent.
And the thing with build diversity, I believe to remember people criticizing that CCC is mandatory and the skills that lead to it are mostly trash?
I’d say you could still play DD and CCC builds right now.

You definitely still can. The weapon choices for it which you typically want multi-pellet is lacking drastically.

Probably only DLC3s lightshow, flipper, robins call, gargoyle, from the main game it’s just the monarch I think. Seems like a potent loadout though

Still not as diverse as it “should” be. Main and previous DLC’s get left in the dust while they just adjust what they add. It is still pretty ridiculous when you consider you have “billions of guns”, don’t you think?

It sure is ridiculous. It’s sad, but not surprising tbh. Paid content reign supreme.

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