Zane's boss kill times are not bad, why is everyone crying?

yes he is not flak or amara but, i can consistently kill all vault bosses (besides troy sometimes) under 1 minute or lowest time i can think of excluding their immunity phases.

i have been doing graveward kills that are as good as anything. where does this myth of zane not doing damage come from? if for some stupid reason we were allowed to crit on the body shot hits like fla4k zane would be the fastest killer easily.

here is the quick link not selected fights just random farming from yesterday. sorry for the mic quality i am not a streamer or anything.


It comes from people who want EZ mode faceroll damage


aka Fla4k critting with flakker projectiles and king’s call on body shots :smiley:

When you have another class doing the same job better in every way, why bother with playing this one? Fl4k is a better killer than the former assassin, AND it has a pet that actually helps for longer than 30 seconds. I’mma go back to playing the real assassin in this game, mah main ‘man’, Fl4k. Too bad, I like Zane’s character, he’s funny.

You point and shoot, just like every other class in this game. Except, it doesn’t work quite as well as the other classes.

If that’s how you think playing the different VH’s and builds boils down in this game I’m not surprised you struggle on Zane. It’s all good play whats comfortable for you, have fun on Fl4k, he’s definitely more “point and shooty” so that seems good for you.

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