Zane's Changes Won't Apply?

I’ve save/quit multiple times, restarted the game multiple times and I still haven’t seen Zane’s skill tree change according to the hotfix. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I need to buy Arm’s Race to apply them?


Me too. I have the 2nd Season Pass, hotfix seems to have been applied, but the skills trees haven’t switched/updated - except the 4th skill tree which I have.

That’s especially strange, cause I thought maybe I just misunderstood and it would only change with the new content balance? Are you on Epic?

Same here, on Epic, have season pass, have skills trees, no Zane update.

You shouldn’t need the DLC for hotfixes. God help us the day we have to pay for bugfixes and balance changes.

Edit: I read a response from Noelle in a different thread that the Zane stuff would be rolling out later for PC

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Ohhhh well thanks for the update there friend. Glad to know I’m not doing something wrong somehow. Guess we just get to enjoy classic Zane for a bit lol, just spec out of Duct Tape Mod!

I’m on console and do not have the new content but the zane changes are present. I did not have to save/quit either–the moment I opened up the skill tree they were there–I just had to respend two skill points.