Zane's class mode retweak

First i’m not good english, so ask to be excused.
Zane’s DLC class mode ‘Dead Seeing’ is definitely powerful gear.
but the other class mode isn’t that much useful so i just thinking about they must be changed.

  1. Antifreeze (Mayhem 4 )
    I don’t know much about this mode yet.

  2. Cold warrior
    powerful extra skills. but Random Status Effect Damage is too low.
    so include Status Effect Damage 30% and chance 30% (not random status effect)

well balanced. high cost extra skills. zane’s only elemetal relate options. so nothing change.

There are many structural problems. The value should more increase explosively, or ‘low shield’ be change ‘high shield’

This is probably the most disgusting piece of legendary in this game.
Duct tape mod -> Praemunitus
Grants all ‘Digi Clone’ augment and Nova damage receives 60% of Zane’s gun damage increase

  1. Techspert
    Have to change the ‘really expensive jacket’ skill to another skill.
    Zane’s skill makes the action skill almost unlimited.
    so just SNTNL unlimited time. or SNTNL receives Zane’s gun damage increase

I think the effect of the 26-points skill should also be changed.
Distributed Denial, Seein’ Red
‘Seein’ Red’ killed by ‘Seein Dead’. ‘Seein’ Red 'is not worth it when you use ‘Seein Dead’

Later, when Max Lv is raised, Zane will be weaker than other characters.

Thanks to read

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Antifreeze: Immune to Cryo. This would make this CM a way better choice.

I would like ‘high shield’ instead of ‘low’ as well and make it so when activating an action skill it fully replenishes the shield instead of depleting it.


I am specifically making buffs to make these good alternatives to seeing dead EVEN if seeing dead is nerfed.

Class Mods


  • The Melee Explosion needs buffed. I personally feel it should be switched to the cryo element
  • Additional Passive:All splash damage not caused by Zane is buffed in damage, while also having a chance to double in radius. DTF, Fractual Frags, Drone Delievery are affected
  • Finally, The Passive Skill Fractal Frags should replace Best Served Cold. 2 point in fractal frag would increase the throw chance to 60%. That’s fair.

Cold Warrior

  • When doing Damage(or crit damage) to a frozen Target, there is a chance to freeze an additional enemies nearby.
  • Frozen targets take 50% bonus crit Damage, 100% bonus splash/grenade/AoE Damage(i.e. explosive element). This is a Easter egg for the Pre-sequel
  • Additional Passive: Adds Cryo Efficiency


  • This mod would be alot better if Zane had Crit Damage damage bonuses in his internal tree.
  • New additional Passive: Targets under 25% health take increased damage(or just increased crit damage).


  • Buffing “Like A Ghost” as i described would help alot( i suggested it be made a kill skill or higher percentage chance for bullets to “miss”)
  • Additional Passive: The faster Zane Moves, he less damage he takes. Mod needs some damage reduction


  • Needs COMPLETE Immunity from cryo slowing.


  • The Passive Skills buffed should be Death Follows Close and Salvation and you can keep Rise to the Occasion from Barrier Tree.
  • New Passive: Drone gains 100% more damage and all augments gain 100% more effectiveness. Drone has chance to reset on kill skill at a 15% rate(or higher honestly).

I like a lot of these. A mechanic that would be interesting to me would also be if shockerator or cold warrior would create a Nova and do damage based on damage received (to the clone or to the frozen enemy) when Zane reloads his weapon. Would make interesting magsize builds.

What I miss in shokerator iis player agency. There’s no good way to tactically use that shocknova if I can’t choose when it happens.

I once suggested that the clone could be placed where you want based on where you are aiming just like gamma burst when using shockerator. An explosion upon summoning added to it. But that would require alot of work on the developers part so I have backed off that suggestion

I remember that, I also remember finding it absolutely amazing and a gamechanger :). That would be so amazing. Honestly they could just say fuckit and pressing AS places it on crosshair’s. But yeah, no one would play without it for sure.

I personally see seeing red as one of the few ways to escape the need for seeing dead.

Not really a mod update but if CCC triggered Seein Red, it would make the appeal of seein Dead a little less. Which would at least help the executor techspert and maybe infiltrator with clone/dome.

Cold warrior definitely needs bonus cryo

Techspert needs an increased % chance.

Infiltrator needs something to make it viable outside of a RR combo. Maybe bonus damage or nova based on amount of shields consumed.