Zane's class mods in numbers

Hello people with time, please be kind to tell us what are the updated numbers on class mod buffs

i have heard executor is floating around 80% crit would like to know for sure tho

especially with conductor and infiltrator values

i have no idea why gear box needs to be so secretive about it just tell us this is x amount of handling accuracy crit and dot dmg smh.

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Conductor now 50% per stack
Antifreeze now boosts speed by 100% when chilled.
Executor being at 80 makes sense, that would be 100 with DFC, haven’t tested that yet, though.

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I usually play Zane least but I’m going to be keeping a close eye over the next few weeks to see how he changes. Just don’t like being stuck into Seein Dead or Violent Momentum. The skills received some nice buffs (Cold Bore now = +200%) but the way to trigger them didn’t so they may still be quite niche.

My bad guys, the executor is not around 80%. In initial testing i think i had dfc, so the result was 81.2 or something. Retested without dfc seems to be 65% critical hit damage bonus. With dfc is 81.6%.

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Good enough for my game play. Non of the coms can rly challenge seein dead but at least conductor ccc is somewhat playable now with sntnl cryo/conservative hits being easy to use.

Still nothing touches the power seein dead provides both survival and dps wise over a long fight

They need to make Techspert the ultimate Drone class mod! Resetting the drone in itself is good, but how about increasing it’s damage to differentiate the Techspert from the Seein’ Dead class mod? I mean if the Techspert doubled the Drone’s damage it would set itself apart pretty well in my opinion and might be worth to build around it.

Anti-Freeze: Increased the Movement Speed while slowed from +25% to +100%
Status effect damage unchanged??? you can now run faster than regular run speed when cryod but you can not slide

Conductor: Increased the damage for remaining action skill duration from +25% Shock Damage to +50% Shock Damage per active action skill

Executor: Increased the Crit Damage from +16% to +75%. without DFC. acts like a kill skill and is effected by death follows close. according to the site dot dmg handling and accuracy stats did not changed only crit dmg was increased.

Techspert: Increased the chance on kill to get your Cooldown and durations reset from 5% to 15%.

apparently here are the values according to