Zanes class mods reworks

Cold warrior- several ways this one could go. It could simply just give PS boosts back to cryo. It could also have a stacking mechanic boosting crits with freezing, such as I have mentioned before in a different post. Personally, I like the stacking idea best as it plays into zanes skill level (like 7-8% crit buff every freeze, stacking around 10 -15 times with a decay of 1 sec if no freeze for 3.5)

Shockerator- this one stumped me for a while, but I think I found a creative solution that works well with the skills boosted:
Whenever zane swaps places with his clone, he creates an arcing shock nova. (With decent but not game breaking damage.) Whenever this nova arcs to an enemy, a grenade is consumed and another arcing nova is formed. (If no grenades, no new nova.)
This allows this class mod to use the boost to pocket full of grenades to your advantage, making use of those grenades otherwise useless if using zanes main gimmick of 2 action skills. These novas as stated would not do huge numbers, but be massively effective at stripping shields and clearing trash mobs, and you cant tell me youve never wanted to tase a whole room at once before! (In game of course XD)

Techspert- simple. Maybe shuffle one of the skills boosted to boost some kind of dps, and besides that replace the horrible legendary effect with: zane can now use all three action skills. (Activate and use special effects for the third by pressing both buttons at once.) The action skill not selected as primary cannot have augments.

Antifreeze- also simple. Make zane immune to being slowed and make the damage while jumping true, I.e. always 40% not steadily 40%.

Infiltrator- again simple, just slightly boost the numbers, not even by a huge amount.

Executor- normally I would say it is fine, but seein dead is just so good… Maybe make the effect on the com stack?

I understand this is a lot of work for just zane, and that most if not all of what I have suggested will be ignored by gearbox, as this is either too much work for one character, not the route intended for the coms, etc. However, I do believe at least some of these changes would be nice, even if I am just some schmuck with access to the internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Truly, if there is one thing that all zane players can agree upon, it is that zane got the short end of the stick with most of his original coms. The ones that have been released since then have been vast improvements (minus the executor), but just because the future holds bright stars doesnt mean the past should be left in the dust. Truly, I hope at least someday, if not anytime soon, zanes original coms get the love they deserve. And if my suggestions have even a tiny amount of input, then hey I did my job :grin:.

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For cold warrior, what if each frozen enemy adds a pellet to your shots, but divides it’s damage by the corresponding amount? Maybe a little less to give it a damage boost. More importantly, it plays into brainfreeze and it might cause some crazy interactions. Torgue stickies being a big one and it would make the Scourge potentially really strong without need of Doubled Barrel.

excellent reflection.
The new class mod is great, but practically makes other mods useless. I liked the suggestions, just make some changes:

executor - for me was always the best would not change anything. It would be nice to have the values ​​of each statuary.
Cold Warrior - The original idea is good, with a variety of compilations. how bad the damage is and the fact that elemental damage is random. Increase the damage of the effect and make it stop being random. make it the weakness of the frozen enemy. for example. robots Ă— corrosion, flesh Ă— fire, etc.
antifreeze - I believe it is not working well. I think the original idea is to increase the speed by 25% while slowing down. If that wasn’t the idea, do it!
infiltrator - and one of the coolest. A little more damage and speed would be great.

shockerator - the idea of ​​grenades is cool, but the effect of mod is useless. would look better with each attack the clone gets, he has x% chance to drop a grenade. With each grenade, damage increases by x%.

techspert - forget this one. Pretend you weren’t in the game.