Zane's Clone bugging out with a lot of weapons?

Is it just me or does Zane’s Clone act really buggy with quite a lot of weapons, not shooting for extended periods of time or doing weirdly long pauses between bursts ? It’s quite apparent on most sniper rifles you give him, but I’ve noticed it on pistols and SMG’s as well. I wanted to know if that was something that just I’m experiencing or is that common for all Zane Clone build users ?


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Well, the simple answer is recoil control. When a gun has a fair bit of recoil, most players subconsciously adjust to it by pulling the aim down ever-so-slightly while shooting.
The Clone doesn’t do that, meaning that high recoil weapons will be off-target quickly and as soon as they are off-target, the Clone stops shooting and resets his aim.
This means that the Clone is best off using low-recoil weapons or weapons that reload after every shot anyways, like the Hellwalker or weapons that simply have a slightly lower rate of fire to begin with.


Thanks for the explanation but this seems like something that could be easily fixed. Mobs have no problem with using a multitude of weapons despite inherent low accuracy/recoil. Can’t the clone have recoil removed or reduced or alternatively his target tracking reworked ? Zane still has quite a lot of skills that don’t work properly and this seems like insult to injury. It’s the most fun skill Zane has and what you describe pretty much disqualifies 85% of the guns in the game as far as Clone armament goes…

Also, since you seem to know a fair bit about the game’s mechanics - can you tell me if I’m right thinking that mobs in the Guardian Takedown get their knock-back effects significantly increased on True Takedown mode ? Whenever I play with it enabled the knock-back effects seem to want to catapult me to another universe as opposed to just giving me a slight bump me up on normal mode …

I don’t know that much about the game, I just happened to know the recoil thing. I’d say in a lot of cases the Clone can still be pretty good, he’s just not a great choice for very consistent rapid fire weapons.
As for the Guardian Takedown, I have no idea. The only thing I could imagine is that knock-back is partially based on the damage you take and that TTD mobs just deal more damage, but that’s just guessing at this point.

There is a number of guns that doesn’t work well with the clone. Typically anything you need to hold the trigger. Burst fire weapons are often recommended. I don’t know a whole lot but here’s a reference thread about the Clone weapon.

It’s only about top tier guns but it give an idea if you’re not there.

The recoil thing seems to be an inconsistent factor if it really matters. I’ve been trying to use things like the Smog which is full auto and has low recoil like most Hyperion weapons and the Clone still just freezes after a few shots. This is very disconcerting. I have my best pick for it and it’s the Helix with which he deals a lot of damage very consistently and at any range but it would be nice to have other options without being limited by this silly bug/mechanic …

I’ve seen complaints about Hyperion inverse recoil. I rarely use Hyperion so I don’t know.
I use a Clairvoyance and a Hellfire at M7 he’s great with them. DAHL are typically good if they dont have an alien barrel. Yeah, it :japanese_goblin: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :imp: not to be able to use this or that for a stupid bug. But there’s many good choices. Including Rocket Launchers.

You would be better to ask in the Zane the Operative section.

I’m good on M10, I beat all content comfortably including Guardian Takedown on True Takedown mode. I use Helix/Plaguebarer on my Clone depending on the situation but it would be nice to have some more options. So far nothing comes close to the Helix, there are some weapons that do more damage at close range like the Lightshow or Hellwalker but as far as consistent output of damage at any range Helix wins hands down. If you have a matching OId God and AS damage on your Class Mod then the Clone chunks af, so bad actually that I’m having trouble keeping up with him. My whole point was about having more options, as far as builds go - I’m good.

BTW if you dislike alien barrel DAHL weapons, introduce yourself to the Blood Starved Beast, see if it’ll change your mind.

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Also, I have a M10 CRYO + STNL Cryo Lob and STNL Cryo Hellwalker to give away - any takers PM me. Found them just yesterday. I already have both so I don’t need extras. I’ve been through the grind and I know how demotivating it can be so if I can make some Zane out there smile then I’ll be more than glad to.

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On wich platform? I’m on PS4 :woozy_face:

I’m on PC, but isn’t there cross-platform play in this game ? I have an option for it in my menu ??

I don’t think so. Not with Sony…
Maybe it’s for Steam <-> Epic .

Yeah, there’s crossplay between Steam and Epic, but not between PC and the consoles, at least for now (though iirc they said it might be coming next year during their PAX presentation).

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They were mumbling something about cross-play recently so maybe that’s what they think of implementing next. I got confused af cause for PC players this option is in the menu but apparently it must only work as you described. Sorry buddy, otherwise I’d give those to you np - I really don’t need them and the only thing that stopped me from vending them instantly is the fact that I know how impossible these guns are to get through legit means.


I haven’t noticed any difference in the GTD barging between normal mode and true takedown mode. It actually bothers me less nowadays, since I started playing on TTM, but that’s surely because I’ve become better at the GTD and am more conscious about staying away from the edges. My guess is that it’s the same in both modes

Doesn’t take a genius to run at the creeps trying to ram you, and steer yourself back if you get knocked back. That’s not the point, I’ve been playing GD quite a lot too and that’s the first thing I’ve noticed when switching to TTM - you just get catapulted as opposed to a small bump. I just thought this was a bit odd so I wondered if anybody else had this experience.

What I’m saying is that the difference is most likely in your head. I used to feel ‘catapulted’ in normal mode, and certainly don’t feel any more so in TTM.

I think there’s one particular type of enemy who is faster than the others and rams harder. Maybe this type spawns more often in TTM and that’s what you’re noticing.

I get what you’re saying but no. The difference is huge. To the point where I barely ever get knocked up in the air on normal mode - it’s just a slight bump. On TTM however, I started noticing I have to save myself with Clone switch at certain times which I literally never had to do before on normal mode. The difference is quite perceptible.

Yes the clone has a very weird firing A.I. it has been a problem since the launch of the game.
some weapons just dont work on the clone, but for now we have to live with it.
Best thing you can do is find the guns that DO work. and with all the latest buff, luckily there are plenty of guns now that work very well on the clone.
If you want to learn more, I made a whole thread about the clone and which weapons to use on him, as posted here earlier.

generally speaking burst fire guns work better than autofire guns. launcher work well. multi projectile guns are useful for damage output as are splash weapons when you scale splash on your build.

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