Zane's Clone - Revengenader Shield

Zane’s clone usually copies the abilities of Zane’s shield. However, when I equip the Revengenader the clone doesn’t throw a free grenade when shield breaks.

Does it? I know the Barrier does with Distributed Denial, but haven’t noticed the Clone getting the shield. :thinking:

Yes put on a Nova Shield or a legendary like let’s say the Rectifier. The Clone inherits the ability of your equipped shield

Revengenader has a cooldown and might have some interaction with your own shields nade proc cooldown or clone throwing nades but yeah, would take some testing. I’ve bonked around with clone revengenader and was dissapointed is all I remember in my personal experience.

I reportet the bug 8 months ago and provided all the information and answered all their generic questions. I perfectly described the bug and explained how to reproduce it. I even uploaded 2 clips demonstrating the bug.

They haven’t fixed it till this day.