Zane's Clone Weapon Tier List!

Hey there Boyos!
So you want to use the clone as your damage source? you dont like killing yourself and want you clone to do all the work?
then THIS tier list is for you! which weapon performs the best on the clone is hard to figure out, thats why I want to help out and make it a little easier.

So all I’ve been doing since the hotfixes start dropping, was basically go through all the guns available to me over and over again to see which ones still performe good, if something got improved and in general if the clone is a more viable option now.
I keep this list updated with each hot fix!

First of all let me tell you what you already know… The AI on Zane’s clone is a mess, and to figure out which guns are usable and which one aren’t is a hell of a lot of work.
I want to spare you the process of doing hours of testing and share with you my findings so far.
I will keep this list updated if news should arrive!

Basically I found 2 things the clone is good with.

  1. Burst Fire weapons - the AI of the clone always shoots in burst fire, even when using most full auto gun, this makes auto guns pretty bad and burst fire guns actually have a place in this game through Zane’s clone for now.
  2. “secondary” explosions and other effects - guns that either spawn more projectiles or explosives are really good, because of some weird reason these secondary explosions often do even more damage than the actual projectile, this is pretty much important on 2 guns, and the reason I made this thread, because this was a surprise to me personally when I found it.


  • this list might highly vary for other difficulties, but I only focus on high level endgame content here!
  • always remember that Zane still is HIGHLY dependent on the mayhem modifiers you get! So use non-elemental guns when you have modifiers that benifit it, and elemental guns when they get bonuses
  • just because a gun is not in the tier you might want to see them in or think diffrently about, does NOT mean in any way that the gun has to be “bad” or “worse”.
    The most important thing is, if YOU like a weapon just go ahead and use it! just because a godtier weapon for you is just in B rather than in S where its dps might place it, might be due to other reasons, like beeing more difficult to use or have AI problems. PLEASE keep this in mind and feel free to talk to me about it!

S Tier: the really good stuff

  • Scourge - it is REALLY good, but you need to position the clone in a way that the rocket has time to travel and also fly by as many enemies at possible, but a single shot can kill multiple enemys. For some weird reason the main projectile when fired from the clone travels WAY slower than if you shoot it, the tiny homing rockets however still spawn at the same rate/travelspeed/and damage then yours would do! this makes this thing SUPER powerful if used right!
  • Broosin Shredda - this is a purple COV launcher that fires 4 buzzsaws that explodes, it is COV and has a HUGE 25 shots before it overheats… it consumes 3 ammo which means the clone can shoot 8 times before reloading and he does shoot it insanly fast! these things hit REALLY hard, so hard in fact than the clone can easily kill itself. the buzzsaws also have a weird pattern that you need to learn if you want to use this effectivly!
  • Skeksil - Versatile thanks to it coming in the 3 main elements , shoots fast and precise, the tiny rockets are RNG, if you get 3 it does more dps than the Crossroads, if you only get one it does probably less, it can self damage the clone, but after the clone hp buffs, this drawback really isnt a big deal anymore.
  • Ion Cannon - surprisingly weak on the clone… still does good damage obviously, but not to the extend that you do damage with it. its more like 100-200k per shot with a x2, definitly use the right element with this.

A Tier: The good stuff

  • Scoville - it a baby broosin shredda, it does a lot of self damage, so you need to babysit alot, but the damage potential is HUGE! if you dont have a perfect shredda, use this!
  • Hive - a good alternative to the scourge, has huge area coverage, a radiation hive is pretty funny for mobbing. Needs some time to set up, but outperforms everything in long lasting large scale fights in one area.
  • Nukem - to much fun to be in C tier! xD self damage is a thing for the clone and it is range specific, still tons of damage especially to hoards of enemys
  • Crossroad - Versatile thanks to it having all elements, shoots fast and precise, one burst usually kills an enemy if your using the right element. also the best freeze weapon imo.
  • Trevonator - this is like the shotgun version of the Crossroads, it does pretty good damage, but you really need the right element with this, also dont use the double pallet version! the second best gun if you want to freeze with your clone.
  • Kyb’s Worth, SMG version of the trevonator.
  • The Duc - for normal bullet modifers this is insane, but even without it, it is quite strong, the secondary explosions have some weird scaling that I dont really understand, but I have seen it deal anywhere from 4k to 89k from the clone… so yeah, a well placed shot demolishes as you can also see in the video.
  • Emp-5 - not as insane as predicted, Night flyer without a build around
  • Stuffed Shredded Lump - this is the alien barrel Torgue launcher, this thing is an omega pumped will-o-wisp… it fires a giant orb that travels slowly, and inflicting status to all enemys it passes by in a big radius and then it explodes in a HUGE radius dealing MASSIV damage… it can multi kill a small room of enemys in one shot, it comes in all elements and you can have it fire 2 balls at once for crazy damage. its only draw back is that it fires pretty slowly. and it hits so hard that it overkills small enemys.
  • Zheitsevs’s Eruption - good dps especially after the first reload
  • Bekah - makes it just barely into A Tier, definitly the best normal jakobs gun to use, but the extra pallets just add another little damage, which turns little damage from bullets into good damage from bullets, since it basically does double the damage a normal jakob would do. its nice, but not amazing.
  • Nemesis - this is basically the baseline good gun. there are better options and there are worse… this is the middle ground. A weaker version of the SkekSil, but still pretty strong, shoots fast, hits okay-ish hard, it does half the damage of the night flyer, but it does have all elemental synergies.

B Tier: good stuff with specific range requirements

  • butcher - B is for Butcher, good damage close range, can freeze preety good, and has a good AI, the downside is that it lacks range and is really hindered by that
  • Heartbreaker - its basically butcher, more damage, less firerate, weird pattern.
  • Flakker - the strongest gun in the game arguably, is pretty underwhelming on the clone in comparison,while the damage obviously is pretty nuts, the limited range is just to big of a hinderence for this gun to function properly. you will need to reposition alot.
  • Lyuda - this can hit PRETTY damn hard, especially a doubled version. BUT even more so than the butcher has to be positioned JUST right to hit its full potential, which is quite hard to do in such a hectic game, okay for freezing.
  • Long musket - the damage is insane! BUT the range is SOOO LOW that you really focus on positioning…
  • Hellwalker - another really good gun on the clone, due to its relaod after every shot it fires extremly fast and has good dps close up. but as for most shotguns, the range really holds it back.
  • Shocking AAA - its a weak version of the crossroad that only comes in shock
  • Brainstormer - nice for hordes of enemys
  • Bagronk - I only have ablue one right now its the alien barrel Vladof launcher, this thing is literally a rail gun, it shoots a immense laserbeam that hits extremly hard, and although I only have a weak version right now it is already pretty strong, the clone cant damage itself with it, and it has good aim, this thing oneshots all smaller enemys and could be even better!

C Tier: Hindered or benefited by unique weapon mechanics

  • Night Flyer - this is an honorable mention! as you have to build around it quite a bit! but it is totally worth it! Use this when you have +normal bullets and/or +pistol modifiers, this thing WRECKS everything in its path, though you need to get tricky with it, use specific skills like “trick of the light” or even use the “messy breakup” shield, this in combination with your SNTL drone and your grenades will provide enough ways to kill enemys and you will basically never see immune for more than a shot, just focus the same target as your clone and thanks to “trick of the light” one of you will not be focused and therefore shock the enemy for 1 damage which is just enough to kill them! and if you do it right and get the hang of it you breeze through anything!
    (maybe Ill showcase this later, this is also the reason for the weird shield in the video ^^)
  • Cutsman - The boss melting with this on huge targets is insane, the damage is really high, but it is useless against anything that moves around, the clone shoots slow and the beam travels slowly, the AI on this is really bad, still the damage is noteworthy
  • Carrier - good damage with multiple hits
  • Infinity - quite the oppsite of the Cutsman… this is THE ONLY gun in the game that actually has a good AI! belive it or not! The clone will actually just shoot it forever, with no breaks! he does not stop, he just shoots at anything he can see and never lets go of the trigger… WHY can he do it with this but not every other fast shooting gun? WHY?.. the damage is abyssmal ofcourse and it is therefore not recommended to use…
  • Facepuncher - It IS quite Fun to use, and a Build defining gun for a build using the clone as utility! The damage is really good too if you constantly switch your clone near enemys. BUT you obviously have to gimp your build A LOT to get the all melee damage necessary to be effective as a DPS option, leaving you with “bad” shield, relic, and maybe even class mod.
    BUT there is a whole build centered around the clone using utility the face puncher + relics such as life steal or ammo refill to give you infinite ammo or make you invincble! (yes the clone actually refill YOUR ammo and heals YOU with the facepuncher!)
  • Hornet - Basically a better version of the nemesis that sadly only comes in CORROSION!
  • Slowhand - its basically butcher, slow projectile speed leads to bad aiming and less hits that connect, better damage theoratically
  • Ember’s Purge
  • Echo - does not benefit in the same way the Duc does for whatever reason, it just deals the same damage again, not particularly impressiv
  • Lucky 7 - does get random effects on reload, but obviously this is unreliable and you cant influence the outcome.
  • Stuffed Quadomizer - low damage, bad aiming and slow firerate for a launcher

D Tier: slighty usable maybe? but not great!

  • Wedding invitation
  • Boomer
  • Star Helix
  • Autoaimè - low damage
  • try bolt - although its burstfire the projectile fall off is really bad, the close quater damage is good though, the explosions do a good amont of damage
  • headsplosion - does a good amount of damage per shot on crits, it just fires SO slow that it is not worth using.
  • devastator - even a double penetrating one deals only about 8k IF all 4 rockets hit, it fires fast, but the projectile are slow and the damage is not that high either with 2k per “bullet”
  • conference call - Just a bad weapon in general in this game imo…
  • Lucians Call and other AR - usuable yes, but has some weird breaks where it just stops shooting for some reason, damage is okay but just weaker then even nemesis.
  • one pump chump - if it crits, its good, but it doesnt crit consitantly… the damage is really low, and the fire rate is really bad.
  • Proficient Interloper (fire) - A purple Maliwan Alien Barrel shotgun, it is a Slugger, so it fires a single bullet, the damge it does is mediocre, but the burn is actually quite strong. it is basically a weaker trevonator in the way you use it.

E Tier: Stuff I dont even want to talk about

  • Recursion
  • The Sprinkler
  • Predatory Lending - does not consume money, still meh
  • Basically every other gun that either shoots fast, hits hard, or need to be charged because the clone has a stupid AI and always burst fires, and also does very little base damage.

F Tier: Dishonorable Mentions

  • Lasersploder - this is the biggest joke in the game right now xD seriously, please try it out! and use a cryo version for poor preejaculation spurt clone xDD this gun shows why Zanes clone has problems… such a good gun, could be SO good on the clone, but the AI ruins it completly! “pfft”
  • ION LASER - … Same joke bad AI as Lasersplosion…
  • Night Hawkin - Another really good gun that sadly doesn’t work on the clone, even with a burst fire variant it shoots extremly slow (~one burst per second) and does terrible damage.
  • queen’s call - although you might think the clone with his good aim would crit really well with it, for me this just wasn’t the case, it crits like 1/10 shots, and therefore this is nigh unusable. and also isnt good for freezing with the clone.
  • polyaimourous - another, terrible not working with the terrible AI, laser gun
  • any Tediore - this is more understandable… but the clone obviously does not use the throw mechanic of tediore, and in fact doesnt even spawn any projectile on reloads… if I had Infinite ammo and 93% reload speed you could BET your ass I would only spam babymaker and purple shotguns. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Atlas guns - he also obviously can’t use trackers, so these are just guns that do no damage.

Freezing Tierlist:

  • hex grenades (lul)
  • Frozen Heart shield
  • crossroad - one shot freeze
  • Trevonator - basicaly one shot freeze too
  • Butcher - freezes extremly fast on close range
  • Lyuda - good freeze
  • Lucian’s Call - solid (haha get it?)

I think this is it for now

Let me know If I forgot anything…
if you found another great gun to use!
or if I am wrong on something and you have diffrent experiences!

also, if you have questions regarding a specific weapon you want to know about and how it performs, feel free to ask and I will try to respond asap. :slight_smile:

I will keep this updated as we go and hopefully still see improvemnets to the clone, for now my 2 cents are that he is actually quite decent now! but you need to get used to it, since it is quite clunky in general, BUT fun and rewarding!

Until then, good Hunting Vaulthunters!


I think he does really well with the Bekah, I was using it with him earlier and was pleasantly surprised. It falls under your list for guns with additional pellets/projectiles though, so you probably already know about it.

ohhh you’re right, I need to test that again, totally forgot about it. oopsie

What about the newly buffed Storm? Sniper rifle so the clone should be able to handle it right?

Might even be a good way to get brainfreeze procs too since the orbs float above and tend to get lots of crits.

@jburtard the Storm has to many things against it, it has a way to long charge time for the clone to handle, moving targets cant be hit consitantly, and the damage is extremly low… Shock weapons in general are not that useful on zane… not even close range brainstormer

@adrunkenmess1 Edited:

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So in Mayhem 3 when you get the draw where it’s something like -50% for all pistols, smgs, shotguns and +50% for snipers and ARs it would be a top choice?

the scourge will probably still be better in general, as will the hive, but yes, this will make it one of the better weapons.
I basically have all the s and A tier weapons in my inventory constantly just to swap around which one I want to use.
I am still testing, bekah might be stronger than I think, but still not amazing.

I’ve found the Clone to be fairly competent with the One Pump Chump, mostly because despite all of the damage penalties he still gets close to one-hitting enemies. I have however only ever tested it out on Mayhem 1, it is possible that he drops off a lot on M3.

yes it does drop of significantly to a point where it is useless sadly

If you find the time please try the clone with moxxis “crit”. I wonder how big the crits and the heal will be and if he can drop the weapon.

@Superfr34k its a terrible weapon and even more so on the clone, it has literally all the points that make it bad to use with the clone, the crits are 2k IF he can hit an enemy… and the heal is not even visible with how tiny it is. and I tried a bit, but I have not seen him drop it.

Most broken gun i’ve found for the clone so far.
2 projectile alien barrel Maliwan with decent splash radius and high projectile speed that bounce off the ground.

Not even gonna talk about +elemental modifiers because that thing just oneshots everything.

Maybe the gratifying echo? Lower damage then the Duc, but its damage is much more back-loaded, triggering 3 explosions. If only the initial bullet is taking the penalty that should be more damage.

@CrazyHarrys I tested it, and it does not seem to work for the echo or devastator as it does for the duc, the damage is ooookay, but the explosions just do the same damage as the hit.

I am right now testing purple(and blue) guns with alien barrels… as these all have so unique effects, I have found some good things already, but ofcourse this is way harder to come by, you need the right elements and the right parts for them to be good.

if you have the following guns please try to get them to me (preferably a fire version, maybe radiation or cryo):

  • Bagronk (vladof alien barrel launcher)
  • Lump (Torgue alien barrel launcher)
  • Interloper (Maliwan alien barrel shotgun)
  • shockwave (maliwan shotgun)
  • blister (Torgue alien barrel assault rifle)

thats all I have found so far that might be usable… please send anything that might help testing.

Thnx, I always wondered if the facepuncher works on the clone because it takes the melee damage for scale, but the clone practically doesn’t need any melee values. I wanted to try melee dmg because it gets boosted by frozen enemies. I heard the shooting star is bugged but maybe it works for the clone. Additional idea would be sharing the brawler ward.
It’s kinda sad, that the facepuncher can’t crit, but we have other ways of freezing enemies.

Maybe you could try some of that, if you haven’t

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So I noticed those are all (or mostly) legendaries. Have you tried giving him a COV x4 rocket launcher like a shredda? That was my go until I started using the Flakker for farming the Warden.

@Epoa yes I tried many normal guns, but they are mostly all vastly underpowered… when using any launcher, the question for me always is, whyn ot just use the scourge…
covx4 shoots for 8kx4 damage, the scourge does 8kx10… it is just the best launcher in this game by far, also the homing rockets make mobbing SO much easier… it really is the best gun on the clone for me.

BUT as I said just a couple of hours ago i AM testing alien barrel weapons now… so far I have sime insane damage numbers, a lump that does 80k damage on hit and has huge aoe… but it has downsides too so I wat to test it more…

How many shots does the clone fire with the Scourge? He volleys off a bunch when he has a COV launcher.