[Zane's Clone - Weapon Tier List]

Hey, for Now I am not sure if an Update will come. I definitly still love the game, but haven’t played in a while and dont even have any character on max level yet. but it is PRETTY save to asume that OPQ and nopewpew are both god tier weapons.

To be honest, I made this tier list really early on, notfar after launch… it was in a state where many guns where ■■■■■■ and the clone was horrible.
Times have changed and the clone does SO much damage now, the guns are SO much better. I dont think this tierlist serves much of a purpose anymore. sure most of it is still true (besides maybe some old guns that are even better now) but you can really use whatever you want now and it should be fine!

Im pretty sure once I have time in my life and play BL3 again I will update the list. but for now, just keep the weapons that are in the list, or try the new ones, pretty sure they are all amazing! OPQ is definitly up there, But not needed at all.

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Could the clone stack up Terror with a terror-melee anointed Facepuncher? If so, you could equip a shield/grenade with the terror-damage and fire rate anoint and terror ammo regen on the other shield/grenade for a serious boost to Zane. As I understand it, one of his limitations is having everything in gun damage. Having an extra 35% damage + 21% fire rate constantly up could be pretty potent (an exact increase of 65.39% damage).