Zanes clone will randomly spawn stuck in floor in dlc

Seems to happen a lot on run to power cable. Nothing ruins your day like getting stuck in the floor after a clone swap.

Yup had it happen all week. I’m pretty new to playing Zane, and it was the first thing I noticed while using the clone. Have gotten stuck in SS or farming bosses plenty of times. You are not alone in this haha.

Yup. Happens to me. I learned that hitting crouch gets you out. But SOMETIMES the clone gets so stuck you can’t move him.

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it is pretty annoying also if u swap with clone you get stuck a lot and can not move without crouching

Yeah…it’s kinda bad that it happened enough to me that I actually react fast enough that it TECHNICALLY doesn’t slow me down? Like. I know that it does, but my reaction time is quick enough to it that I’m more “meh” then “RAHANFNEHEBEB” about it.

I even had it happen so bad, that he was so deep in the ground, I couldn’t even swap places with him. It was at the fabricator fight, only his head was sticking out.

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Happens to me in any location. So far checked all DLC and main game (including Sanctuary 3).
Crouch does not help every time .