Zane's Dmg Is broken. Not in a good way

I’ve been playing Zane since day one. He’s awesome. When it works. I’m noticing a massive bug. I’m currently using the Flakk and it does some amazing dmg but sometimes its like its a level 30 gun. it does like 300 dmg per explosion on mayhem 3. Same with every other gun I have been using. all were acquired in mayhem 3 and yet it’s extremely intermittent and extremely annoying. This is game breaking and should be looked at immediately.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me in m3. I’ll be ravaging stuff then all of sudden my weapon does nul damage. I’m on siren. I leave game and fresh start and it seems to go away almost always.

I had a feeling it was all characters.

I’m almost certain it has to do with sliding if it produces a projectile.

Do you look at what the modifiers are in Mayhem 3 when playing it? That would explain why you see fluctuations in damage at various times.