Zane's drone still needs a few more buffs

While the recent buffs made SNTNL a bit better, some of the drone mechanics still make it slightly unreliable when dealing with multiple enemies or enemies that are far or hidden from Zane.

I think the drone needs to move a bit more faster and work similar to Wilhelm’s Wolf drone from TPS, by having it chase the nearest target without having you to order it to attack an enemy or have it under your crosshair, because sometimes the you can’t command the drone to attack a specific enemy, because they’re hidden behind an obstacle or are just plain out of sight. It would really help if the drone automatically attacked enemies around Zane and had a bigger “aggro area”, instead of just circling around you during combat.

I also think Static Field is pretty weak… Not only it hardly scratches enemy shields, if it really makes Zane’s shield recharges while it is attacking something,then the recharge rate is almost non-existant, because I might as well just hide and wait for my shields to regenerate normally.

It would be cool if the shock beam arced towards multiple enemies that are near each other and the bean actually did some damage to them.

And all that with 1 min cool down. OOF.

All that? On 1 minute?

So improve the AI which was 2/3 of his post, which shouldn’t really be an issue. And then some changes to the damage of two ■■■■■■ mods? Sounds good to me.