Zane's Guardian Ranks

Hey all!

Just curious to hear of your experiences with Guardian Rank buffs and perks on some of Zane’s builds. What are your choices so far? How are you finding them? What would you reccomend? What would you do differently if you could choose again?

For several reasons, I opted to work down the Hunter tree first, while also adding a small handful of ranks to Enforcer, when Gun Damage or Critical Damage options came up.

My thinking being, that as we can’t disable Guardian Ranks right now, I wanted to choose the ‘safest’ options for preserving different playstyle/character mechanics in the future. If the Bad Ass Rank system of BL2 is any indicator, health and shield buffs in particular are the ones that I have entirely avoided for this reason.

The Hunter perks may not seem as exciting as some in the other trees, but they’ve all been very useful for me so far; particularly the Cooldown Reduction perk, which has been notably effective on my Kill Skill build, and seems to be a very solid substitute for Adrenaline.

TL;DR: Damage, Cooldown, and the buffs from Hunter seem to be the safest and most universal bonuses right now, and will be helpful no matter what character or build you choose.

What are your thoughts?


I put everything in Vehicle Damage, because I feel like a big part of the end game is going to be about bossfights in vehicles.


You can reset your Guardian Rank on PC by resetting your profile. Rename, or remove, your profile.sav from your save directory. After this when you launch the game it will generate a new profile.sav, because it can’t find the old one. Other things that are stored in your profile.sav will also be reset, including the contents of your bank, your bank SDUs, your skins, and settings. You can always go back to your old profile.sav and everything will still be there.

I did this after my first playthrough because the game was getting too easy, especially on new playthroughs. Now I’m only specing vehicle damage, FFYL duration, FFYL movement speed, and luck, and not getting skills beyond FFYL stuff and ammo. Topped Off, Overkill, and C-C-Combo are all insanely strong, probably Hollow Point as well but I haven’t used it. I also test stuff a lot so it’s nice to have a clean GR for that.


Aha! I didn’t know Guardian Rank was tied to the Profile settings, so thanks for that info.

I’m on console myself (PSN), but it shouldn’t be hard for me to test if the same holds true here.

Unsure why an option to disable GR hasn’t been included in the game this time around, especially as it was a clear necessity from the previous title(s).

Whatever the case, it seems a workaround isn’t too difficult to achieve, and perhaps it will be a feature added later.

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I advise you to avoid the 75 points perk emergency response out of the surviver tree.
I thought it might be awesome with a deathless artifact. But as of now it’s not doing anything. If it works at some point in the future it might be worth it though.

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