Zane's Hitman skills feels counterintuitive

You have a passive skill that increases damage when you move, a kill skill that increases your fire rate, and then you have a kill skill that makes your next five shots have a chance to fire an extra bullet…

Unless you have god tier aiming and coordination to be able to benefit from Playing Dirty while using a full automatic weapon in the middle of heavy enemy fire, then you’ll most likely miss the benefits of this skill very often.

I feel like Zane should have a few improvements on his Hitman skill line. I think he’s the only vault hunter that lacks a damage boosting skill that stays up all the time.

Have Violent Momentun increase Zane’s gun damage all the times a bit, but make the bonus be higher when he’s moving. This will make Zane not lose a bonus when using weapons like sniper rifles, which requires you to stand still to aim and hit your targets.

Have Playing Dirty have a chance to trigger by either when Zane reloads or fires a bullet instead of on kill. Making this a kill skill makes it a bit unreliable, and you have to go for the capstone to be able to use it with some degree of control on Zane.

That’s all I’d like to suggest for Zane… Everything else looks fine on him.

I play hitman and clone build at level 50. I move around mach 5 with a pistol and a shotgun 1-2 hit killing everything on TVHM.

Don’t theorycraft. Play the game. You don’t need god tier aiming. You run straight at the enemy and melt their face off before they even realize they’ve been shooting at my clone and not me.

Also, since shadenfreude is currently broken and we can’t restore our shields, I use sentinel shield restore skill. My shield never even breaks.

Zane has god tier movement speed and it’s quite hilarious seeing a pistol do 10k damage per bullet. My shotgun literally kills anything in 2 hits. I have a jacobs assault rifle that has 10 bullets per clip, and not even a heavyweight badass pyro can take a full clip without dying. It’s great.

I have dawdled around with a sniper rifle. It just isn’t worth it. There’s no point in using a sniper rifle. Yea, it’s funny as hell seeing 13k crits and enemies exploding with 1 bullet, but that’s not who zane is. Zane is run around the entire map and kill everything within 5 seconds, not stand there and patiently wait to get a kill. Hitman is not counterintuitive, he’s just not a sniper. Hitman works with every gun except snipers, and even then there are some snipers (I have one with 3k damage) which are just fun to equip and no scope people - also, that’s another thing, if you use a sniper, always use it without the scope. It’s EXTREMELY easy to get headshots without a scope.

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can you post your build? i’ve been running lvl50 zane for a while now. trying all sorts of combinations and all have been underwelming, even the “hitman” build

Sure. Sec.

I don’t have great guns, but I have the legendary class mod which gives me a kill skill that isn’t on any skill tree. It’s a kill skill that boosts accuracy, status effect chance, status effect damage, and critical hit damage. I have two legendary shields which I switch depending on the occasion. One is the transformer shield which makes you immune to shock damage. The other grants me invincibility for 5 seconds after my shield breaks. Both are above 11k shield.
My preferred augments are shadenfreude (but that’s bugged and doesn’t restore shields right now) as well as the 75% health damage is shared to the clone. On the hitman tree I use the shield restore augment as well as the weaken ray.

My class mod also gives me +2 Violent VIolence, +2 Playing Dirty, +25% weapon damage, +10% dahl weapon damage, and +45% Jakobs critical damage. My legendary stone gives me +16% shotgun damage, 21% action skill cooldown rate, and +26% weapon accuracy.

Try the build I posted. One thing, same as the problems mentioned in the video in the other thread… Like for cryo build if you face someone who is immune to cryo, youre screwed.

My build, if you get hit by cryo and your movement speed goes to crap, so does your damage. That’s zane’s biggest problem. He has no way to do consistent damage.

Just got the Stronger than Things legendary weapon. Paired this with a legendary stone +100% max shield, +25% shield recharge, and -25% shield delay. he does really well with this combo in mayhem 3.

He would be a lot better with this combo if Shadenfreude was working. 27k shield for me and it would recharge every time my clone took damage… considering he would also have a 27k shield, that’s a hard as hell wall to break through