Zanes new com is great must be 15 characters long lol ;)

Sorry if this has already been posted as a topic but my god gearbox thank you please please please do not nerf it finally an amara feeling com for zane of all characters it is stupidly awesome lol I just wanted to say thanks an please oh god please do not nerf it lol

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See’in Dead? yup, I love my hitman feeling like a hitman.

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Yeah just hope gearbox see this when they come back from holiday before they get ready to start working on the games balance lol

it’s a really good legendary COM that’s good for Zane. I mean it requires DLC to use, so they better not nerf it. Amara has OP COMs, Zane should be able to keep See’in Dead as is. (idk if I really like any of Fl4k’s COMs Rakk Commander is underpowered (i mean an extra charge of Rakk attack is such a common anoint for him it’s a pointless COM, Red Fang buffs pets…that are squishy as Heck, Friend Bot, same thing, DE4D EYE just gets the best out of one shot kill builds, which are boring, Cosmic Stalker isn’t great, and that just leaves St4ckbot and Bounty Hunter (oh…and R4kk P4K, M4 farming a trial, yeah right), and he’s my main, but I really love Bloodletter for Moze, best survivability COM)

Yeah I run two Mozes lol one with 1hp and the other endurance increase time plus reduced fuel cost dang auto correct on the phone lol

Ridiculously fun. Instead of nerfing I hope they give other characters a quality COM just like it . When things get to easy give us harder content with the tools needed to tackle that content and we will have a blast . It’s been working for Diablo for years now power creep and all and is still fun , there is no reason this game cannot have the same longevity

Yeah tbh I love both this is not me ragging on either game but I find d3 more fun

More lootsploshions in d3 which is wierd