Zane's New Handsome Jackpot DLC Class Mod Is His Best

Greetings All,

I’m just relaying to the community that the new class mod for Zane coming in the Jackpot DLC has been leaked.

It’s Called "See’in Dead"
Whenever Zane damages an enemy with his weapon, he has a chance to automatically activate all of his kill skills. Additional his kill skills gain a bonus 25% effect bonus

I believe this is so far and away his best mod that it’s crazy. It lowkey invalidates the bottom half of his Drone tree(basically you can just stop at Death follows close and save alot of skill points). Which I LOVE. It’s balanced in the way that I feel only DonnyBrook is the only best universally good skill in the tree. Playing Dirty kind of depend on playstyle build.

I’m kind of concerned due to the fact that I can’t see any reason to use any other mod at all. Hopefully we will see some changes to Zanes other mods to encourage build diversity. I love this new one and it CREATES so much build synergy that it’s how all his mods should be going forward

More info for the mod is in this wonderful video by @flightx3aa
Leaked New Zane and Amara Class Mod


I am torn. The last thing Zane needs is more buffs to CCC build. This mod makes that build more amazing now.

His hitman tree and seein red NEED buffs, this mod, like you said, invalidates going past DFC.

They need to buff Playing Dirty to be able to proc 2-4-6-8-10 shots and let it stack to 20 shots. This way you have incentive to use Seein Red to get stacks.

Violent Violence needs buff, like reverting it back to 4% base firerate or adding a small ammo regen to it as well.


I have yet to find or see this Class Mod yet, hopefully i can find one this weekend. It sounds great, but may need some play testing. It will be hard to pass up using my Executor Class mod with 18% Crit, 25% weapon Dam and 13% firerate though

it will come with new dlc so save that farm until next weekend bud as its release is another 5/6 days away.

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I don’t love it. Zane doesn’t need more base damage he needs crit damage. It should have boosted crit damage. It’s a niche mod IMO that I’ll probably use for bosses because of its special effect but it is not going to replace my Executor for mobbing. I hope I’m wrong about it and that I’ve missed something and that this mod is truly amazing.

I should probably point out that my lackluster response is based on my play style. Unless I’m boss farming, which I rarely do thanks some really amazing folks on these forums, I rarely go pass Death Follows Close. So the only benefit the mod adds to my play style is 25% base damage. Big whoop! :grin:


25% bonus kill skill effect my dude. Not damage. Its basically death follows close 2x if you spec into dfc

Donnybrook will be Op with this mod imo

He still needs a good clone / dome mod too. Hitman has his best mod already with executer, now it gets another one (which is needed, similar to fl4ks bounty hunter com).

Still wish they would go back and balance/fix some of the current mods as well.

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I’m aware. But like I said, with my play style I’m only getting a “real” reward to Donny Brook (i.e, 19% x 25%) and since Donny Brook is not multiplicative damage I simplified the math by saying 25% base damage increase. I should have been more explicit. I apologize. :grin:


Eh I rather like this one in theory. You get convenience and extra effectiveness across the board. Executor feels so lackluster, same with Infiltrator. Their bonuses just arent enough where this wont be a better option if you get +5 Donnybrook. The fact you can combo this with CCC while only going to DFC and getting Donnybrook/Synchronicity in red makes it the better mobbing choice.

This mod also boosts the scaling of Violent Momentum because with the scaling buff it is basically counted as a kill skill. You have 1:1.2 speed to damage scaling with DFC and this Class mod.

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The skill points saved by this mod, is going straight into survivability for me on my non barrier Zane. This mod actually opens up new synergies and really really helps every build(some more than others). He needs more mods like this.

Also I 100% agree about crit damage. I just hope they put that in his tree rather than making it exclusive to a class mod. Same with Shooting while Sprint.

For my play style Executor is baller. It amplifies the thing I love to do most, shooting things in the head. Again, I’m not denying its usefulness to everyone … except me :laughing:!

I just wish the bonuses were larger or added something gameplay wise, maybe shortening kill skill duration by a bit but allowing a third stack.

I am dusting off my Zane as soon as I pick up one of these. Excited to play around with it

I want to see more passives. Zane really doesn’t have any great passives

I agree. He has the worst passives in the game, and his kill skills are basically weaker than ALOT of passives of other characters.

I’m not stoked. Clone Cool And Collected has no room for blue tree at all. This might be neat on my Clone and Drone, maybe


You should trademark that :grin:!


I do like it so far, although it’ll obviously also depend on the skills it boosts (which I presume will likely be kill skills) and on the actual activation chance.
What I do appreciate is that it gives Zane a good tool for boss battles, since depending on the boss kills can actually be hard to come by (for instance, I’m not actually sure if Katagawa Ball has any minions that you can kill during the fight).
It’s obviously gonna be best on SMGs and ARs due to the higher rate of fire.
I do also like the fact that this essentially makes you less reliant on CCC because you get a chance for additional procs of Good Misfortune.