Zane's potential damage output through annointed guns-question

i would like to know if anyone has done math but everyone seems to be comparing base zane vs amara’s 300% burst dmg boost after phase slam, which is great on quick kills and definitely out does 75% dmg boost that zane gets every time when swapping with clone.

however i wonder how does the math work out for zane over longer period of time lets say raid damage. now no way raid boss will die in one phase slam burst dmg output.

things to find out, what exactly is that short duration that annointed text claims? how many seconds after phase slam/clone swap? how many times can zane swap with his clone per action skill duration? ( base stats for both phase slam and clone up time no relics no class mods no ccc no good misfortune no borrowed time)

it is also interesting how strong can zane be with his abbility to reset his action skills and increase their up time through skills like good misfortune and borrowed time.

for zane to get 300% equivalent boost he would need to swap with the clone 4 times (75x4) so how does zane’s annointed gun dmg bonus fare against amaras? over lets say 10 minute time period. basically how many phase slams can amara pull off in this time and how many seconds she will have with 300% dmg boost vs how many times can zane deploy his clone in 10 mins and how many times can he swap during clone’s up time in 10 mins. i can not do tests myself due to lack of time and gear but i am very curious if zane lags behind significantly or if he gets something going on when you have to deliver dmg over extended periods of time.

The +75% and Violent Momentum work with Tedior Chucks. Add Praemunitus and mag + Weapon damage boost from com’s and you get some good burst damage, but it requires a bit of a set up.

Did a quick and dirty test: Damage boost after swapping seems to last for 6 seconds while action skill end damage boost looks to be 12 seconds (at least last week)

wow those are massive times, it means you do not even need to spam swap for max dmg output, but that would in a way favor amara again since the more time after phasslam dmg buff lasts the less time she needs before next phase slam.