Zane's Seein' Dead COM not proccing?

So I’ve finally gathered all the gear required for the Chain Zane build. Did the recommended skill tree, and tried it out. But unfortunately, I don’t seem to be getting the 100% Action Skill uptime as claimed in the videos. Now I know that Good Misfortune states “This skill has diminishing returns.” So I’m guessing either it’s a platform difference (I’m on PS4, vids were done on PC), or the gameplay vids are so short that they don’t show extended gameplay, or there’s something elae that I’m missing. Any thoughts on this?

You need 1 point (at the least) in good misfortune and a multi pellet weapon / high fire rate weapon, or give one to your clone.

My clone uses x14 facepuncher and as long as mobs are around it is up 100% time.

I am on PS4 too.

And PS: what is a chain zane build :man_shrugging:

I was up the entire time using this com, and I haven’t watched any of the videos on it! I definitely needed a point in “good misfortune” for it to work though. As I tried both with it at first, then without it, and without it, I just couldn’t keep the action skills resetting.

Weapon i was using was mostly the Boomer for flesh, and the new unique corrosive robo-killer masher pistol.

I think Chain Zane is a build made by youtuber Moxsy…it was recommended to me, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Yes it is.

Ah, k. I tried to see that video for build, but it doesn’t really matter, I can have my niece make a Zane build and as long as she equips Seein’ Dead, she is OP.

Great idea for a mod but just made his other mods almost fictitious and did nothing to fix QOL without said mod.

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100% action skill uptime is a little misleading. The duration refund from Good Misfortune has diminishing returns, so the more you proc this skill the less time you’ll have returned. With the Seein’ Dead com and with a few points in Good Misfortune you can have good uptime, but after about 5 minutes or so your action skill duration will deplete because the duration refund to Good Misfortune can’t keep up with the decay.

Something I’ve figured out over the last few days, using something like the Brainstormer or Torgue stickies are great for keeping your action skills up with Good Misfortune. The Brainstormer can proc Good Misfortune on the initial impact, and the tendrils that hit nearby enemies can also pro Good Misfortune. Torgue stickies are the same thing, they can proc Good Misfortune on the initial impact and the detonation.

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100% meaning while fighting. Either clone dies or dopplebanged but time never expires while in battle. If clone is down but SNTL up, I will use a dictator and get SNTL full, then re-drop clone and both are ready for round 2 in seconds. SNTL stays up for duration of battle 100%. I only use 1/3 GM.

I run mine using a few points in Borrowed Time, it seems to make up the difference. I think it just barely bridges the gap between Seein Dead procs, also the additional 25% effect boost along with the one from Death Follows Close draw out the decay on the effect as well. Even in boss fights with immunity phases I was only losing my clone and drone a few times, and by then the cooldown phases had already run during the duration so I just popped them back up again.

If you use redistributor + banjo you have infinite uptime. Good misfortune diminishing return has a cap on how low the returns can diminish. You just aren’t triggering it enough times.

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I think it still diminishes to zero actually. I think @studdugie was right on this one and the reason we see infinite up-time is that it re-activates GM instead of refreshing it so the diminishing return completely resets.


alright that’s fair lol, point being that you can get infinite uptime with GM
as long as there are enemies to shoot

The thing that all the videos keep neglecting to point out is that enemy spawn density and enemy tankiness matters for 100% uptime. With the com uptime is a function of bullet damage, period! Now let’s break that apart.

Bullet damage means bullets or anything bullet like that damages an enemy. This has nothing to do with the gun damage on the card of the weapon and has everything to do with the frequency of damage. Let’s break that term apart. Frequency of damage is simply how often you are doing bullet damage.

Alrighty, on to the next concept, chance! Whenever anything in this game uses the word “chance” you need to put your statistical hat on and clench up :grin:!

Now that you have your stats trucker hat on backwards and you are fully puckered let’s do this.

Let’s make up some numbers. Let’s pretend that the word “chance” in the com’s description means 5%. That simply means that when any enemy receives bullet damage there is a 5% probability that the legendary effect of the com will activate. I know it looks like semantics but changing gears into probability means we can do some calculations and it also allows us to talk about the fact that the 5% chance actually means on average there is a 5% chance. That minor change in terms has real consequences because of how randomness works because randomness by definition isn’t fixed or deliberate.

So a 5% probability means that on average 5 out of 100 shots fired that makes contact with an enemy will trigger the legendary effect. Now, if you shoot and hit a single trash mob enemy with 100 shots they’ll die before you are even 1/2 way done. Again, assuming that our made up probability is real, if only 5 out of 100 shots fired and connects triggers the legendary effect that means we’ll need a combination of tanky enemies that don’t easily die under that barrage of bullets and/or a LOT of enemies available to shoot. This is why the best place to showcase these 100% uptime builds is the raid because there are a LOT of enemies and they are tanky as feck because the raid is scaled to 4 player difficulty. So when you take these builds into “normal” mobs it’s hard to sustain 100% uptime because of lower spawn densities and less tankiness of enemies AND (a new consideration) you become more powerful every time the legendary effect procs because your DPS goes up DRAMATICALLY (e.g., Donnybrook x 2, Violent Speed x 2 + Violent Momentum, Violent Violence x 2, and Playing Dirty always on, on top of existing quasi passives such as Synchronicity and Confident Competence)!

For the longest time I’ve been trying to get y’all to understand that M4 HAD to have the MASSIVE increase to enemy health. I knew it was necessary because it was designed with GBX knowing where end game power was because of all our SHiFT data and it was already evident when I looked into Amara and FL4K on M3 with negative stacking modifiers and even Zane, when unleashed, was pretty beastly BEFORE this com was released. All this com did was make Zane’s potential more accessible to everyone as opposed to just the experts.

Now back to the OP. The bottom line is that 100% uptime is simply not a guarantee everywhere in this game so still invest in action skill cool down via GR, gear, and/or skills depending on the content you are under taking.



I know I’m late to the party, but thank you for confirming this for me. I was noticing that on M2 with my friends, it was very difficult keeping my skills up. I’m using a Calm, Cool, Collected version of Chain Zane, and I thought maybe I messed up.

But once we switched over to M4, I was able to keep my skill up. In fact I had more durability because I had more opportunity to freeze enemies before my friends murdered them all.

Now to figure out where to put my last point…

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