Zane's shield and the rough rider

I was curious about how skills like confident competence works with the rough rider. The shield is technically always at 100% right? Because i noticed CCC works with the rough rider. So it does register that the shields are at 100%, and ignores the shields, and starts regening health and cooldowns appropriately.

The problem is, Confident Competence reads “when shields are active”, seeing as you always have zero shields, and it appears you always have a broken shield, does this count? I’ve been told by a few zane players that this does not work with the rough rider.

I like the way the rough rider fits so perfectly into a shield zane build, as you always have your barrier ability active, so having a shield isn’t all that important, and since a lot of skills based of current shield percentage, they should have 100% uptime with the rough rider. For some talents in the tree it appears to work. But i don’t have any comprehensive way to test this.

Has anyone tried this?

Nope. The RR shield is neither depleted nor full. It can be depleted if you have some shield capacity bonuses tho. Search the forums there are detailed explainations on the interaction.

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Rr should always be empty like in BL2 but as was said above, it was borked and is usually considered half full by most things.