Zane's Shield problem

Has anyone else noticed that Zane’s shield doesn’t block alot of energy attacks (Maliwan guns and Alien barrel laser shots). I’ve looked through his skills in that tree and i didn’t see anything about it only blocking certain types of ammo so im not sure if its a bug/glitch or whatever but when multiple enemies with those gun types spawn the shield becomes completely useless.

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In my experience, the only damage that seems to make it through Zane’s Barrier is splash damage, and some specific boss attacks.

For the most part, the solution is simply to stand further back from your Barrier, and out of splash damage range.

Picking up the Barrier when these sorts of enemies are around isn’t usually the best strategy either, as you can’t back off and avoid the splash damage that way.

Started doing slaughterstar 3000 and you might as well not use the shield there.

There are some weapons in the game that ignore the barrier. The ones I’ve noticed in the Slaughter Shaft are some alien barrel snipers. There are also some enemy attacks (e.g, typhoon goons) that ignore it as well. And let’s be real, to have a skill that makes a player totally immune to all damage all the time would be broken.


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i haven’t had splash dmg hit me through it yet (i use the bubble augment cause i love it) but i had forgotten about the Goons lol, those alien barrel snipers are a nightmare there. And from personal experience as a clone/shield Zane, using the shield in the Slaughter areas is amazing with a decent to high cryo efficiency.

i dont pick it up much lol, i put it down with the clone next to me :joy: