Zane's shoulder cannon

Does it count as an “active action skill” ?

No, in this regard its exactly the same as fl4ks rakks.
Still triggers action skill start and end anointments. But either of the other skills will handle the “active” ones

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Ah… Got it. Thanks for the reply.

Funnily enough, Rakk Attack does actually count as ASA for the very short period of time between activation and the Rakks hitting something.

It’s only about 2 seconds, but it does count.

MNTIS on the other hand… Afaik it happens 100% instantly and the canon itself is considered hitscan, so that doesn’t have an ASA component to it.

it will but for insanely brief period of time just like phase cast and rakks but even faster maybe you can make one shot during “it’s duration” since it is hitscan you’d have to make your shot the very same time you shoot the canon

Wouldn’t that ‘active period’ for Rakks extend beyond them ‘hitting’ the target, e.g. until their return animation ends? I just think about grenade anointment “Deal 150% more damage while ASA” - I think it works on Peregrine Fl4k, and they drop grenade on hit, so perhaps ASA in this case applies even after hit, no?

As mentioned, does great with ASS/ASE and thus n2m, not so much ASA. Interestingly enough, it can be used to briefly stack some of Zane’s ASA skills, those being (that I am aware of) Borrowed Time, Supersonic Man, and also I believe Synchronicity. That being said, as these only stack for a few seconds (5 or so, not sure exactly), it’s not necessarily worth it to spec these skills solely for the purpose of stacking and losing them, vs having them up at x2 consistently. I do enjoy the speed bursts from SM personally.