Zane's skill tree changes not applying

I read about the skill tree changes in the changelog and was pretty excited, especially about Duct Tape Mod giving me self-damage immunity. Sadly, none of the skill trees changed - Seein Red is still a blue tree capstone, and Duct Tape Mod still doesn’t give me any damage reduction. I asked my friend, another Zane player, and he has the same problem. I tried respeccing, reloading the save, restarting the game, joining other people, and nothing helped


all true, a friend who plays zane showed this to me. hope there’s a fix soon.

i didn’t even receive the new skins on EGS, have u guys received it yet?

I’m playing on Steam and had no problem recieving the new skins. Did you look into your inbox?

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idk about EPIC. But on steam we got them if we owned one of them special editions, i forgot which one it is tho

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nope, bought both deluxe edition and season pass 1 on EGS and still don’t have the new skins

Having the same problem. The skill tree changes don’t seem to appear no matter what I do.

Same here, using the Epic client. Have verified my game files and restarted my game more than once.

+1. on EGS. Quit to main menu, quit to desktop, verified game files. No dice.

I do have the new skill tree, and the new skins. Weirdly, i’m missing most of my old skins, though…

Same here, on Steam. Got the 4th skill tree but the original trees haven’t updated.

i also lost all my skins and skill tree changes didnt apply

I’m facing the same problem.
Saving and loading as per the instructions in the patch notes does not apply.
It’s a shame because I wanted to feel good about playing it.

I had this. It finally updated, but now I only have 61 skill points :confused: