Zanes skills not working?

So what’s up with zanes skills. Ive seen general talk about some of his skills not working, but now that im trying him out im noticing what the other threads were talking about I guess.

I have zane set up so that kills are supposed to reset his sntnl and barrier. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, it literally ruins the entire build. Is this a know problem? Has there been talk about fixing it?

Not sure what skill you’re talking about here with kills resetting his action skills.

Good misfortune adds duration to your active skills on kill.

Cool, Calm, Collected (CCC) resets the duration/CD of your skills if you freeze an enemy while at FULL health AND shields. If you use a Rough Rider you can cheese CCC by only having to be full health, but then you are without a shield.

okay, but does this work all the time? sometimes it seems ive meet the terms but ccc doesnt activate

well i know that when i used the sntnl sometimes it would even drop 1 hp from my bar and ruin my chances of procing CCC. are you using the attribute on sntnl that drops shields because every time it fly’s by you it does a little bit of dmg to you. what helped me was using a shield that has a low capacity a low recharge time and a high recharge rate that way every 2 seconds my shield automatically refills in a second
here is the build i run the items i use and the build it at the end of the video but you will see that i keep my actives up the whole time with ease while just 1 shotting everything lol you should try it it seems like exactly what your looking for. this build is specific item heavy besides the shield you just need a shield that has similar stats

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The only time it wouldn’t work is if you didn’t have full health or shields.

yup thats why you want to have a shield like mine with low capacity low recharge delay and high recharge rate you your shield is constantly going back up and your always topping off your hp with all of the cryo damage your doing. it makes it really easy to keep 100% up time with your skills/ bosses are gonna be the weak point to this build. I would say anointed are too but you can always just use the surrounding enemies to help manage your ccc while killing anointed with fire dmg

Or just use a Rough Rider and skip the shield requirement.

yeah but then you lose out on +20% dmg for not having a shield

^ This.

@atissot806 If you read the full description of CCC, it doesn’t reset Barrier/SNTNL unless both your shields and your health are at 100%. If either of those are down by even 1%, you won’t refresh your Action Skills.

There are ways around this mechanic, such as the Rough Rider “shield” that was already mentioned, but I personally don’t recommend it because a lot of Zane’s skills and Kill Skills vary in bonus based on how much shield you have. Using a lower capacity shield with a high recharge rate, such as a Stop-Gap (which grants you 5 seconds of immunity when the shield breaks), is probably the best compromise.

Finally, I’ll add that this entire build falls apart when fighting Cryo-immune Anointed mobs. When you can’t keep your Barrier/SNTNL up, you lose survivability and damage, which makes it more difficult to get kills, which can allow Kill Skills to elapse, which costs you more damage, etc. I think you get the point.

there are ways around it though when there is an anointed you just can’t stay focused completely on them. switching between fire and cryo to keep CCC and slowly taking down the anointed. if your not a fan of that then you can just do what i do which is get come fire weapons that are anointed with while SNTNL is active Gain 50% of damage as bonus Cryo damage. i have that on a fire lyuda a fire crossroads and a fire lucians call that way im doing both to mobs and still getting the fire dmg on the anointed mob

Great guns to use with a cryo build and killing anointed
Plus getting head shots with brain freeze it helps a lot with keeping CCC active with out having to worry about anointed

I’d say that Rough Rider is actually the best shield for CCC, followed by Band of Sitorak. Zane does have a of skills generating health so he does have good options to keep Health full. He has only 1 skill improving shield recharge rate by 30% at lvl 5.
As it’s easier to maintain CCC the 5 points in Adrenaline are quite meaningless and then you have just 1 skill making use of full shields and Guardian ranks (main perk is cooldown reduction at full shields, which again is much less impactful as you reset your cooldowns).
Band of Sitorak can make use of shield bonuses and has a recharge rate that allows you to keep your shields at 100% a lot easier compared to Stop-Gap.

You don’t need to use cryo weapons to proc CCC. Brain freeze works with any weapon. I don’t have a single cryo weapon in my CCC group play build, I use a Maggie with accuracy/crit while Barrier is up anointment. Freezes in one shot unless my aim is off, and procs CCC on anointed and bosses in one as well. You can use any decent accuracy multipellet weapon or even a fast fire rate single pellet weapon and it will be just as efficient as a cryo weapon, without the drawbacks of having to deal with immune mobs.

If you’re referring to the Infiltrator com, it considers RR empty.

im talking about confident confidence it actually provides a nice dmg boost i love it!! thats why i have the shield so that it’s constantly refilling if i get damaged so i never really have to worry about it being down. im looking for a better anointed one right now but this one has been working just fine for me.

as for cryo weapons yeah i hear that argument a lot i agree you don’t need a cryo weapon if you don’t want one. If you look at the pics i posted above i use ones that are fire and anointed for extra cryo dmg which is really nice. but unless your a bot with 100% accuracy and you never miss a crit sometimes your gonna not be able to keep those actives up it happens but with a weapon like my cryo laser sploder with the same cryo anointment i not only kill anything in seconds but i never even have to worry about hitting head shots if i don’t want too. i never really even have to switch elements because my cryo weapon runs through shields armor and health with ease. but with anointed mobs i like to keep those fire weapons so i can switch up it not have to worry about having to focus on crits only because of the anointment and i kill the anointed mobs easily and fast. so i would recommend at least one good cryo weapon to anyone who doesn’t have god like aim

Anyone of these will work fine and it’s nice to have a back up
Plus my shield is nice for this build

Just to comment on some of the responses that followed mine. It’s been my experience that when I ran the RR shield, even with stacking DR up to nearly 50%, I’d go down far faster than I do with an actual shield. This tended to happen when I’d get hit with certain elements, like incendiary, and it was especially true if the M3 modifier included a negative to elemental resistance. Zane’s health regen works awesome against a single enemy, but when you’ve got multiple enemies hitting you, in M3 TVHM, the health regen isn’t enough.

As for the skills you lose without a shield, there are two: Adrenaline and Confident Competence. The former is Action Skill cooldown, and the latter is gun damage and accuracy. While I can usually keep up Barrier and SNTNL a fairly long time with CCC, there are inevitably times when I can’t and they go down. Having my Action Skills on a lower cooldown has been essential to my survival, especially when I’m doing something like Slaughter Shaft. With gun damage and accuracy, you could argue that the bonus accuracy isn’t a huge loss, but losing the bonus 20% gun damage is a big deal.

So my opinion, based on my own personal experience, is that if you’re playing smart, you don’t need Rough Rider to bypass the CCC mechanic. You’ll usually have no problems keeping full shields and health behind your barrier in order to proc CCC for the Barrier/SNTNL refresh. (The mistake I often see Operatives making is that they leave the Barrier static and don’t bother picking it up, which is fine until an enemy closes and gets inside the Barrier.)

I will concede that Brain Freeze with non-cryo weapons is effective, and I should look for more Anointed weapons with the cryo damage element. It might make all the difference with Anointed mobs as you’ve said, which are my single biggest frustration in the game on Zane.

I believe he was referring to the Confident Competence skill that I mentioned above.

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This is why I recommended a multipellet weapon, if you’re firing off 10 bullets a trigger pull, unless you’re aiming with your feet you’re going to land enough to proc Brain Freeze.

I typically have no issues with Really Expensive Jacket picking up the slack and the ease of keeping Barrier up, but to each their own.