Zane's SNTNL and Barrier needs some changes

His SNTNL needs to be a little more faster, so that it can reach targets that are far away without wasting skill time. Also SNTNL should fly towards any hostile target automatically… unless you shoot something or order SNTNL to attack something, it will just keep flying around you like an annoying mosquito.

As for the Barrier, Zane should be holding it up by default, instead of throwing it on the ground, then having to pick it up. I think most Zane players will pick the barrier up 90% of the time, because that’s when the barrier is actually useful, so he should be holding it up by default.

Huh. I rarely pick up my barrier. But to be fair, the build I’m working on practically requires the barrier up.

You must play as a sniper or similar playstyle, then… I pick it up all the time, because it makes tanking hits much more easier, plus it synergizes with his Violent Momentum skill.

Another idea is to increase the speed and range in which he picks the barrier.

Well, I usually use it to assist allies, but when I used to use it solo, I would use it to bridge gaps in cover. I didn’t pick it up because all the bonuses it provides are reduced when you do.

But now that I have my Rough Rider deathball build, I pick it up all the time.

But yeah, hard agree that it needs to be buffed.

Barrier is better when on the ground however an option to have it either way per players desire toggled from accessibility would be neat.

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Wow yeah I really like the idea of toggle between ground cast or self cast.

Press it to deploy, hold it to deploy in hand.
Easy can’t understand, why they haven’t released it that way

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game is hugely comples they could not have tested even 1% of the things and experience varies from person to person. for example while i see the point to it i do not exactly feel bothered by the way it works since i only pick it up if i had bad placement or emergency placement to begin with. mostly if i place barrier i put it where i want and there is no need to carry. also solo vs co op is completely different. you will be forced to grab the barrier in co op but in solo you can take things at jacobs pace instead of vladof pace of co op.