Zane's speedy crit build

I think this is the best build in the game as you are the fastest and strongest character in the game. but I’m open to hearing your thoughts on it.

why art of war and playing dirty? seems more of violet violence friendly build tunnel vision really you only need 1 there. i’d max domino effect and put remaining in eraser. but if your focus is runing but with ajcobs and torgue than i can udnerstand playing dirty ;d

also what class mod do you have it in mind for investing 3/3 in good misfortune

I use 3 in gm when using executor, or conductor as those are the only 2 non Seein Deads I use… Haven’t gotten a Spy with good rolls yet to use one. I have practically 100% action skill uptime. Really don’t need Seein Dead at this point. Executor or conductor with good rolls equals it.

conductor on mantis canon? that is just 50% shock dmg since u only have 1 AS active. Executor can exceed seein dead when on feet for sure but depends what rolls you have skill wise hard to imagine you need either 5/5 PD or 3/3 GM unless you have +5 VV on your executor :d

Mantis Canon is still active after you’ve fired it for a couple of seconds. Just like Phasecast and Phaseslam are for Amara. Weird, but Mantis Cannon is far more spammable than either of them so you’d still get more than the 50% benefit from it. I like maxing out the 3/3 on GM because it doesn’t refill your action skill duration completely the way it does for Seein Dead with other coms. The diminishing returns kick in, but I haven’t really used the purple skill tree that much but it seems there might be a cooldown skill in it that would make it kind of unnecessary.