Zapped 1.0 Annouying Bug

In the first part of this mission when you are using the fire weapon, the game is REALLY bad at determining when you are in an oxygen environment.

Example 1: Go to the Troll Booth and trigger the dome. Even though both you and an enemy are in the air dome, your Oz kit is not in place, AND the enemy is clearly in flames, Janey nags about fire not working in a vacuum.

Example 2: Go to the Darksiders Garage. Set fire to an enemy in the connecting tunnel, or lure them back to where the Moon Zoomy station and fast travel are, and their being on fire does not count. Repeat the annoying nag about being in an atmosphere.

This happens on ALL levels, with ALL characters. Basically, the game can tell you are in an atmosphere as far as an oz kit is concerned, but is completely clueless about the scavs; you pretty much have to set fire to them ONLY in specific locations, which is really annoying.

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An old thread and not exactly the same issue but…
Merely a way to tag you as I know you’re still active and I couldn’t find another (or better) thread about Zapped 1.0 issue.

I can’t register any hit (in TVHM, playing Jack double on PS4) .
Don’t see any optional objective either.

From the given requirement and what I gathred from the Wiki I figured sny “matching” laser would work. I happen to have an identical (beside the prefix) lvl 30 purple Spitter so I started with it. No hit. Switchend to the mission gun. No hit either. I know I lost some kills on ennemy suffocating but I’m sure I got at least a couple kill with it.

They have to die from the burn DoT, not elemental fire damage (subtle distinction). Not tbat familiar with Jack’s skill tree, but check that there isn’t something on there that might be interfering eg different status effect, damage buff, or maybe the holojack damage is stealing your kills?