Zapped 1.0, Stuck at 15/15 Scavs Killed, No Dialogue or Quest Progression


Fixed --Longtime BL: TPS players can probably guess how. ■■■■ me, how inane :confused:
Mods, feel free to lock this if you like, as it’s now resolved.

The title.

Is there any way to fix this? I’ve tried hard restarts, save-quits, nothing.

No, I’m not deleting the character, I’ve already gone through the NVHM play-thru and I ain’t doing that infuriatingly stilted quest-flow campaign with its ■■■■ level-design and lack of Q/T, vendor, and save points, and brazen time-padding yet again.

I’ve lost count of how many stupid little bugs, glitches, and lost loot due to that inane low-gravity ■■■■■■■■.

BL3 is merely disappointing, has crap optimisation, is piss-poorly written, and has a rather egregious case of consolitis in its menu/inventory system…But when all’s said and done, there’s still a more-or-less fully functional and fun game under all of that.

But this game is a just broken ■■■■■■■ turd slapped together by some farm-team that thought it had a clue. Every time I try to return to/get into it, this always, always eventually results. (No, un-install/re-install don’t help any, either.)

Well-done to the former 2K Australia on their out-of-the-ballpark hit! No wonder they went bankrupt and were promptly forgotten, FFS.

Screenshot, Quest-text shown is what it’s stuck at: