Zarpadon is the stupidest boss in any BL game

Before taking her on you are good taking on the Story Mission 3 or 4 levels underpowered, which I thought was actually cool about this game.

Then you get her and yup, no chance. Suddenly you are forced to grind 3 levels all at once just to beat her.

Stupidest boss ever.

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I don’t think you being under level makes a boss stupid. It’s not the games fault you’re under leveled


I’m thinking what you’re saying is that the game’s Scaling is Stupid for that boss fight?

One of the things you learn on your first playthrough (if this is indeed your first) is just how many of the side quests you need to complete to stay on level or over level yourself.

On thing I am going to recommend to anyone playing TPS, especially if they are not on PC and not playing with the patch:

If you want to get to max level (70) I suggest completing every mission as you go along so you get maximum XP for those missions, inclusive of the Claptastic Voyage DLC. Do this for Normal & True Vault Hunter mode. Yes, you will be over-leveled for some parts of that game, but does that even matter since the goal is to get to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode where everything scales to your level?

If you don’t approach it this way you will have a very very frustrating time grinding XP to get to level 70. The scaling seems balanced such that you have to complete everything along they way to get the maximum XP and even so, it might require some farming after you finish it all. At that point resetting your play through to get all your weapons near level 70 would put you in a position to hit 70 if you hadn’t yet.


I love Zarpedon boss fight. Great visuals, amazing music, the Eye of Helios going off as you jump around the arena. Have to say I sometimes reset my playthrough just to experience the awesomeness of it again.

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Zarpedon is a joke of a boss in some ways. Really her second phase is the hardest with the pillars that come up and stop you from moving she’s able to get some hits in. Just strip her shields and lay into her with a launcher or shotgun. I know that Athena or Jack with Vladof launchers absolutely wreck her.

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The fastest way i’ve killed her was to activate the Coolant tubes in the middle of the map near her and run away. She ends up killing herself if one of the Lost Legion or you don’t set them off yourself.


well there was an easy way to get her

as seen 1:20 into that video, you just get onto that ledge and spray her, which none of you suggested interestingly

if I had bothered to search before maybe I could have indeed got her at level 19 wow hmmm

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Probably because she’s an easy boss


Nah, the stupidest boss in any BL game is Mad Mel in BL1. :wink:

Not that it’s super hard or anything, I just loathe that fight. :smiley:


I had forgotten who that was, so I had to look it up. Repressed memories ahoy!


Incorrect, when you take what I said in rest of my post into account

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Not gonna argue, but i already said you being under leveled isn’t the games fault


(Going into ECLIPSE/EOS underleveled is gonna make you forget all about going into Zarpedon underleveled. :wink: )


In normal and true, killed her with ease even using below level gear.

This is me using Jack in UVHM level 58 (gear is below level) vs Level 60 Zarpedon.


I did the fight last night with Nisha on Normal Mode. It was very easy. I tried my coolant tube trick, and I need to augment my statement earlier, Zarpedon’s attacks will not trigger them herself.

Also, the one thing about being under-leveled is that all boss fights are meant to be 2 levels above the assigned level for the mission, or in the case of UVHM, the current level of your character. That being the case if you are on pace with your leveling instead of ahead of it, you will always be 2 levels beneath any boss in most Borderlands games (or Bad Asses/ Ultimate Bad Asses/ Rabids/ Tubbies).


One of the best boss fights in my opinion.


You need to play the claptastic voyage i was 2 levels underleveled from the final boss and he destroy’s you unless you can kill him with a gllitch search up BLTPS ESO!

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Try using a legendary class mod