Zarpadon Respawnable

Hey guys.

So I know some, if not all, of the bosses have become re-fightable now, with today’s update.

Does this apply to EVERY boss and unique enemy in the game?

When I try to access the area where you fight Zarpadon, you cannot access it, due to there being broken pipes and flaming debris in the way.

Is there another way to access the Zarpadon area?

Or is she not included in the list of bosses that can be refought?

Z doesn’t respawn. There are patch notes posted on the forums that specifies this/

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I should learn to use the “Search” function.

Zarpadon’s loot has been added to the Sentinel since Zarpadon cannot respawn.


Has anyone successfully farmed a ZX-2 or Bulwark from Sentinel yet?

Yes, I discovered that thread immediately after making my post!


Thank you!

I made two Inv. Sentinel runs: 1x ZX-1 drop, 1x Black Hole drop

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Great, thanks!