Zealous Frenzy Incompatibility

I’m putting some time in with Caldarius trying to figure out the in and outs.

I think it’s no surprise that he is not without his share of flaws but this is a direct incompatibility issue…

Zealous Frenzy - activating gravitic burst increase energy blade attack speed a short time.

Gravitic Burst - launches Calcarius forward dealing 134 damage on impact and PUSHING enemies back.

So I’m having trouble how to effectively pair that helix with the default attributes of that skill. If you are trying to go close combat you have already created space just connecting with that move. If you decide to use GRAVITIC ANOMALY you have already lost time if you want to close the gap.

I noticed this because EXIT STRATEGY is equally useless depending on your location of impact. If you are inside you can clip the ceiling causing disorientation or if the ground is not level you can be launched to some unpredictable height.

Basically his second helix is useless in my opinion. Maybe I just haven’t found the correct pairing but I’m at a loss of its intended purpose.

Feel free to educate me.

The description for Grav Burst does indeed specify that it knocks its targets back. However, the actual knockback effect is so light that I often don’t even notice it, especially when I’m targeting a larger character. With that said, Zealous Frenzy is one of Cald’s best helixes for sure, because it ups his dps by a lot (to the point where Exit Strategy is about as good as Phasebang) and Grav Burst doesn’t really work like it sounds on paper.

Exit Strategy can be good if you build around the TMP and you don’t want to go melee… but in fact there are no real option for the TMP except the reload on Grav Burst and the +8clip helix

Maybe replace the Frag Grenade for a TMP helix and add something like for the left helix lvl 1

“Energy Cascade : Activating Gravitic Burst instantly reloads Caldarius’ TMP. And the next magazine deal 33% more damage.

I find exit strategy very situational.

Considering all of his flaws I’m surprised I still like him as much as I do.

His synergy is really off.

I think enegy transfer should be moved to helix two maybe. Why is it tucked between two movement options?

Helix 10- is there really any other realistic option Tuned Actuation? Why would you want extra damage at take off location? That is very situational. Why isn’t it at Target location? What I would really like is a napalm whiskey foxtrot like dot on impact.

Ground zero - once again very situational. What if an enemy is close to death and you just pushed them away somewhere so they can escape.

That stuff just doesn’t flow.

I notice the knock back when they are running away from me and I activate it to close the gap. It definitely pushes them back. You need the slow or the 30% movement speed boost option to not really notice the knock back in that situation. I guess my thought is why build it that way in the first place.

Yea. Phase bang is silly. With caldarius mobility it’s not difficult to find a clean angle. Heck, the cross hairs turn red when you are on target so it’s not hard to line up the shot. That is definitely a waste of a helix option.