Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I searched and maybe I did it wrong but is there NO THREAD ON THIS ALREADY HOW.

Anyone else hype over Zelda: BotW?

Link can jump!

It’s voiced, but mah boi stay silent.
He can harness the power of fire!
Jesse, we need to cook.
Welcome to the 21st century, Link gets a tablet.
Link speaks softly (not at all, actually, we already covered that keep up) and carries a big stick.

He can ride on his shield like… whaaat finally now we can do this:

& he’s been asleep for 100 years?? I thought I was bad, sheesh.

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Okay I guess this will be The Thread Where MacCready Talks to Herself about Zelda.

Before I start: Love that Spongebob reference, could´nt stop laughing!!!

Its sad Zelda is lost on me… Since Twilight princess I´m rather turned of by Nintendo´s Zelda games -.- And if these above are screenshots they did´nt made it any better than the last 5 years… I wonder if I´ll ever see a epic Zelda in badass modern grafics :sob:
I mean, Prince of Persia 2008 had Cellshade, and it was amazing and aestethic. BL was Cellshade and looked cool. But Skyward Sword and this new thingy? Mhh… The light effects got better, but textures? Or details? Leaves on the trees? Mhh…

Sniff…Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask in the grafics of Witcher 3 - this is what I´d sell a kidney for!

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I already sold my kidney for MM3D hahahaha.

I am 100% Zelda whore I can’t even act like I’m not but… I’m a bit let down by the art direction they have taken in BotW. I mean. It looks so unfinished. Link specifically like yes dat’s mah boi 10/10 would hug, but … could we get a little butter on this potato maybe some more details I just feel like the cel shading is so. dang. flat.

but anyway I’m gonna love it whatever it is it’s like when your kid hands you a bad drawing of your house and the family dog and objectively, you know it’s a bad line drawing and it would line the trash can nicely but it’s also the most beautiful rendition of anything you’ve ever seen?

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