Zer0 all pistols is it good or nah

Sooooo for Zero I got all pistols for my zero a little evie, unkept Harold, bladed grog nozzle and infinity with a legendary killer slag longbow singularity mod Blood or Heart (forgot what the stockpile relic was) pistol ammo and bee shield I use this build for raids and it good but I need friends when I do it cause I get taken out in one hit so it doesn’t work what should I do here are my skills


Let me tell you I use my killer class mod for skill points stockpile for never running out of pistol ammo little Evie for cool down abuse bladed grog nozzle for healing purposes and DPUH for a FFYL weapon slag singularity for easy kills with DPUH before I go down and Bee for boosting damage

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Periods: unfortunate for women, but outstanding for grammar.


For the most part, we’re all strangers here, not people you know intimately. As such, when asking for help it improves your chances of getting it when some form of proper use of the standards of writing is used. How you reply to your friends is not the way you should respond to strangers- trying to read a wall of text with poor grammar and punctuation causes a lot of folks to simply ignore the post. It goes a long way towards getting help if you can ask for it in an intelligible manner…


I don’t know if you got lost on your way to the COD forum , but people on this one generally hold themselves to a higher standard.
You’ll be hard pushed to find a more helpful and friendly gaming board than this if you post appropriately.
You’ll also be shown the door by the mods pretty quickly if you dont.


Settle down, folks.

If you have any comments to make about a users posting style, then politely pm either that user, or a mod, or avoid the thread.


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Yeah you are right but that was a thing I do when I try to crush someone’s pride when they something bad but unlike you as you say it right and sorry I just my grammar was poor it’s just I wrote a whole fanfic and my fingers were staring to cramp from typing so much but I see your name everywhere and your a reliable source of information


[quote=“Cutiestalker, post:1, topic:1561672”]little evie[/quote]Instant cooldown[quote=“Cutiestalker, post:1, topic:1561672”]unkept Harold[/quote]Instant kill[quote=“Cutiestalker, post:1, topic:1561672”]bladed grog nozzle[/quote]Instant heal[quote=“Cutiestalker, post:1, topic:1561672”]infinity[/quote]Instant reload

I guess it depends on what you want out of the game… those are a little overpowered for my tastes, especially in tandem like that, but if floats your boat, go for it.

[quote=“MeatPopsicle, post:5, topic:1561672”]I don’t know if you got lost on your way to the COD forum[/quote]:laughing:



you get a quad LIKE. That’s 18 LIKE’s to be clear. 20 if using the Rustler’s :innocent:

^This right here. @Carlton_Slayer nailed it. :slight_smile:

Liked your repsonses too. I just don’t want to quote them, making my post rather LARGE

OT: YES, pistols can be used rather effectively on Zero. I don’t play him much but I remember a COM from the tiny tina DLC that boosted two fang. get yourself and infinity with a sherifs badge relic. good times!


I think it would be fun all pistols. But, I’d swap the Bee for a HD Turtle. Oh dang, just noticed this was from May of 2017… not 2018. LOL.

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This thread was over a year old.
Please look at the dates before replying. That user most likely isn’t playing the game anymore anyway.

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