Zer0 and Jakobs sniper rifles

Im thinking about starting a new Zer0 dedicated to sniping, but I wanted to use Jakobs because I like the feel of them.
So, I got some questiona and hope you guys can answer!
So, do the Muckamuck, Elephant and Buffalo still have their one shot potential or am I better with the Diaub and Critical Ascencion? Do I need the Bee to one shot things with Jakobs?
Also, about the Diaub: Vladof or Dahl stock?
And the last question is about the relics. Jakobs with Recoil reduction or stockpile for better ammo pool with snipers?

Any input is welcome, and thanks in advance!

Muckamuck, Elephant, Buffalo still have one shot potential with just his skills.

Until the later levels. You can get through Normal mode easily. Once you get into UVHM, none of those will 1-shot.

I consider the Bee kinda cheap. So I avoid it. You can do what you like. I just don’t use it.

Critical Ascencion beefs up ANY rifle. The faster it fires, the more stacks. Also, you can just have a Crit Machine: a low level Vlad sniper to build stacks and swap to your real gun.

As for Relics, I’d go for recoil reduction. If you’re planning on 1-shotting things, you should be conserving ammo very well. That means you shouldn’t run out with the normal amount. That makes stockpile worthless for me. Maybe you’ll need it until you get your aim down to where you’re crit’ing each shot.

Also, once you get to higher levels, there are only a few snipers that will function. Lyuda, if you don’t mind chewing through ammo quickly. Pimpernel, if you want mass damage with a little bit of funny aiming.

Those are your two best bets for UVHM. Otherwise, you’re just dumping half your ammo on a skag.


Skullmasher still has one shot potential in UVHM, but it’s a bit harder to pull off due to lowered accuracy. Killer active, deception, ambush, Sniper COM, Jakobs grip, damage accessory and 10/5 OSOK all help. Oh! And longbow slag grenades.


The problem with the Skullmasher is that I need the Shot COM to make it really shine if I remember correctly.

About crit-machines, I really hate pre stacking. Even with Gaige I do not pre stack Anarchy! Haha

Also, it is so bad that Jakobs lost their one shot potential at late game. I think Im going to stick with the Diaub and play with CA in the end.

Thanks for the replies, guys!

Then the Stockpile relic is going to be your best friend!

Good luck

I am no professional when it comes to Zer0 but if you want to hit hard with Jakobs you are going to have to find a reliable way to slag enemies before hitting them. Whether it be magic missiles, the Grog Nozzle, or just a nearby slag barrel; if you want to one shot with Jakobs you need slag.

The following picture is just off of Maya with all her abilities going with my Peacekeeper build. Due to all of Zer0’s abilities it will be a lot higher with the Buffalo Rifle. Especially with the legendary sniper COM.

17-19m is enough to blow away engineers, most psychos. weaker skags, and some other weaker enemies in a single shot. That same 17-19m is enough to blow away basic loaders in two shots and give other loaders a major headache. 31m is enough to ruin just about any non-badasses day with 1-2 shots tops. Zer0 with slag should be pushing 38-45m if not higher with the legendary sniper COM.

The Shot COM helps, but it’s nowhere near a requirements.

[quote=“Duke3D, post:2, topic:374383”]Once you get into UVHM, none of those will 1-shot.[/quote]1-shot what? Scavengers and Ultimate Badasses maybe, but much of the rest of the mobs, they most certainly do. Not coincidentally, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with my Jakobs allegiance assassin practicing kills with these sniper rifles, with no Critical Ascensi0n (and I save slag for the bigger guys or if I get lucky with Kunai).

My character is OP8, the weapons are OP3, and I play at OP3, with Badass Ranks turned on (20% across the board). Go into Decepti0n, toss Kunai to apply Death Mark, zoom and hold until the last moment. I use a Legendary Sniper COM, and if I’m going after big game, I’ll use a sniper damage relic, and just suck up the cooldown time.

My most recent conquest is the Mutated Lab Rat (big game, and they squirm a lot). I jump over them and give them a swipe to apply Death Mark, toss Decepti0n in their face, hit them with Kunai, and wait for them to do their Cyclops attack on my hologram, during which time their head is quite still. The Elephant Gun will wreck them. While I would consider this more “killing things with sniper rifles” than “sniping”, it’s pretty fun.

If I wanted to make it even easier, I’d just use an OP8 rifle at OP3 (or play with my OP3 gear at OP0), but on-level OP3 gear is about perfect for me.

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How can Zero not 1 shot enemies with Jakobs snipers in UVHM? This just isn’t true…

Muckamucks are more than capable of 1 shoting enemies. Are we talking about no slag or buffs or something? That might be true but it’s not really a true representation of normal gameplay is it?

I mean, I’ve been doing a new playthrough with Maya on OP4 and she can 1 shot enemies with a purple Klook Muckamuck that I found. Maya is a really good sniper, but she’s not quite on Zero’s level…

Forgive me. I was speaking of 1 shotting without slag, without kunai and deathmarks.

Yes, you can set up a shot and with the last action in your sequence, pull the trigger and finish it off with your sniper rifle. I agree.

You can take an element matching Pimp and hit a mob-critter with one well placed shot and drop it. That’s just a pull of a trigger. That’s what I meant.

I get it though - I had to manually renew my affection for Jakobs sniper rifle kills in UVHM with a slightly different build and playstyle than I was used to (both from other characters and from TVHM). I spent a fair amount of time practicing to get the knack of it, and wean myself off slag (and am still working on this for bigger game).

Similarly, I’m practicing to get my Dahl allegiance Commando to be comfortable playing king of the hill with a Thresher nest. My first lessons were, eh, expensive. :laughing:

Me too. It’s Still possible.

Deception, wait til the last second and have a good COM with the right skills. 10/5 OSOK helps.


I’d still recommend a cooldown relic on Zer0, even with non elemental weaponry.

I was lucky to get a citrine Diaub, I believe it gets and extra crit bonus or being gemstone. Only needed a few CA stacks of any to one shot non-slagged enemies. Still one of my favorite snipers.

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if i were you i would avoid the elephant gun and blue jakobs snipers in general because the low fire rate is bad in uvhm as it does utilize ca so using a chaotic rogue com is almost a requirement