Zer0 and Slag for UVHM

I am just about finished with TVHM and am looking ahead to UVHM.

I learned the hard way long ago that in UVHM…slag is EVERYTHING!

What are the best methods of applying slag with Zer0??

I was thinking these, but chime in with your druthers:

Slag Pimpernel (Obvious choice)
Slag Singularity With Rubi or Grog Nozzle in hand
Slagga with Fast Hands fully specced
Magic Missiles with Rubi or Grog Nozzle in hand
Slag Rubi or Slag Grog nozzle bullet fire…preferable the bladed versions if possible
Antagonist Shield
Slag Transfusion Grenade

I don’t like magic missile on Zer0 myself. I’d add slag transfusions to the list. It’s a pretty common choice for sniper Zer0 and adds a healing option.


Done …thanks.

Magic Missiles are GREAT if thrown from a distance (thrown up close, they kill you, it’s that simple)…they home and slag up to four targets at a time with a Purple version…and they rebuild grenade count.

And with my Grenade bonuses…they HURT an opponent at the same time.

But that was with a Commando…will have to see how they do with Zero.

A trick I learned from @Adabiviak was to throw them out before going in to deception. This has advantages since enemies won’t aggro until one of the missiles hits something. And then you’re in deception so they have no idea where you are or which direction the grenades came from until you B0re them. It is extremely effective. Longbow slag transfusion grenades would not give you the same window of opportunity for positioning.

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MM are also great for making Ion loaders drop their shield, as they home in thru the hole in the top of the shield…


Slag Pimp
Sticky longbow slag grenade

S’all you’ll ever need. Bladed grog/rubi can work for melee too but I still use pimp for slag.

A Longbow Slag Transfusion with the shortest fuse you can find and the occasional slag from the kunai. That’s all I use, but I play a non-elemental soft Jakobs allegiance. If you have no self-imposed restrictions like I do, a Slag Pimpernel is all you need for a sniper/gun Zer0 when it comes to slagging AND killing.

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Ha!! Great news…this I did not know!

A well-placed quasar can do the same thing. It’s like ZZZAAAPPPP and no more shield. It’s an ION Zapper!

[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:5, topic:1554413, full:true”]MM are also great for making Ion loaders drop their shield, as they home in thru the hole in the top of the shield…[/quote]What madness is this? Will any homing grenade do this? Guess where I’m going tonight!

I’ve only seen the MM go thru the hole in the shield- other homing type grenades just circle outside of it until they explode…

That could be the somewhat erratic flight path of the MM. Someone should try using a regular homing from above an ion loader with shield. Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder if the Moxxi grenade would go through as well? It’s got a weird flight pattern too.

+1 on slag Pimps, Grog, and Longbow Slag transfusions. That’s all I really use. (I carry a Slagga with him, but I never need it)

Nothing wrong with using a low level MM.

I use Kunai and Grog.

Antagonist…it depends on your playstyle. Generally a lot of Zer0 play styles are “duck and cover”. If you do this with an Antagonist you will slag yourself.

I use a Homing Slag O-Negative (or purple transfusion). Homing allows me to throw from cover. Transfusion helps since if I am using Slag I am probably gonna be in for a rough ride.



I usually use a slag snider or any other mailwan slag sniper. Also the slagga which will never let you down. Plus slag transfusion grenades.

I am an unashamed Pimpernel fanboy, so my usual set up is:

slag Pimp
corrosive Pimp
fire Pimp

Quasar or (fire or corrosive) Fastball w/matching Bone

I do occasionally roll with MMx4, and find that they’re actually easy to use safely.

True…but if all I wanted to do was slag, I’d probably use a low level slag Bonnie or Betty as they would slag better and for more time.

What I’d rather have is Slag and HURT! And with my BAR grenade bonus at approx 25%…a MM is perfect for that if deployed correctly. Just have to be a bit careful. It’s those enemies that are running straight at you.l If you throw it too late they will get hit with the homing standing right next to you and that means instant death.

You could try Longbow slag singularity. That would certainly be different from the norm but it does achieve what you are looking for and takes the melee chargers off your face too. Might cause an occasional group B0re to happen too.

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I would stay away from the Antagonist shield as the ratio of it slagging you versus slagging your enemies is severely tilted. If you are behind cover or are in melee range the slag orbs are guaranteed to slag you while whatever gained the shield’s ire has a very good chance of not being slagged. The result is not as devastating as a reckless usage of magic missiles but getting purpled in the middle of a firefight or in a fist fight is not exactly a pleasant experience.

Despite the flaws it has I prefer magic missiles for slagging for my Jakobs builds. The grenades offer very good slag chance (sometimes does not) and can deal some serious damage if all the orbs land on the same target. The regeneration is also nice as it helps to somewhat relieve the stress of grenade chucking when you are forced to do so over a long period of time.

To me at least it seems MM prioritizes the target in your crosshairs (if any) over all other targets. Just something I had observed and cannot confirm/deny it with concrete evidence.