zer0 build help plz!

i would really like some help with a certain build with zer0. one that doesn’t revolve around sniping or melee but focuses on multiple types of guns. i would like to be able to use any type of weapon and be able to actually do damage with it. this is the skill tree setup that i’ve come up with so far, http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#555501500050555100505050410000 but i’m sure it could be improved alot. i would also like some idea’s on weapons, CoM and a relic. the shield doesn’t really matter to much.


for weapons, class mods and relics I suggest taking a look at the T0p Gear f0r Zer0 thread.

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Your build is pretty good overall, there’s just one major thing I would change. That is, dump Optics. It’s lousy. Take those 5 points and put them into Innervate (4/5) and Death Blossom. The Kunai are effective on their own AND they apply Death Mark,which is hugely useful.

ty for the help i feel like once i get the gear this build overall will be able to handle most if not all things that i come across in the game.