Zer0 help needed!

I decided to give Zero a go, having only ever really used him once before and not getting on with him too well.

Aurelia is my fave character in TPS and I got a taste for the sniping style of gameplay as a result.

However, playing as Zer0 I’m REALLY struggling. At level 50 even with a Bee in TVHM I seem to be getting downed in two to three shots in Hero’s Pass, and soloing The Warrior is completely out of the question.

I’m not a noob (BAR = 127,717) but would really like some advice on how to utilise Zer0 properly.

I’ve attached my current build, and currently using a purple The Proffesional COM, but it IS a low level one as I haven’t found a higher level one yet.

Any pointers as to where I’m going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

At 0ne With the Gun x Critical Ascensi0n are really important on a Sniper Zer0

I would try this:


for now. Also, what kind of gear are you using? The Bee is good for bosses, but for general play you might want to be on the lookout for a good absorb shield, a good slag transfusion grenade (longbow, low fuse time), a sniper with a Vladof barrel (you can try farming Gettle in The Dust for a Lyuda, they’re 2 stronk), a good Jakobs sniper (Muckamuck, Diaub, etc.), and perhaps a Sniper COM over Professional. Otherwise, just keep practicing - everybody starts somewhere!

You may find the problem hilighted in the above quote.

Also, what wepons do you have

Also, you’ll probably have a better time if you move some points around:

  • pull the loose points from the sniping tree, fearless and two fang
  • max out either OSOK or velosity, depending on gear, and put 2 points in the other
  • max both ambush and unforseen

a few notes on skills: I recomend taking unforseen over two fang because it does a ton of very reliable damage with the recent patch, probably more than 2f would., if you’re using weapons with small mags, take OSOK over Velocity.

You need to realise that the only tank skill you have right now is innervate. I recomend you pick up some reliable healing method and dodge really well. Additionaly, you need to try to use Bore when you can, it does quite decent damage