Zer0 or Salvador?

Want to start a new game play, wanted your guys’ opinion on which one should I take next ( I have Kriege already).

Pro and Cons of each one of them from your point of view :smile:

I am on the same boat as you. My only toon is Krieg and he just hit 72.
I made Salvador and Zero but sadly I can’t (don’t know) how to play them after playing Krieg. Salvador is to “basic” and very linear for my taste and Zero…well Zero isn’t Krieg and I fail to understand how to play him.

you play on PC or Console?

I play on a PC

wana try co op ?

I think my main problem, is that I try to play other classes the same way I play Krieg. But melee Krieg is a lot different than the other classes who, in my opinion, are very much geared to fps type of the game.

Easy to play
Very powerful
Gear dependent
Playstyle can get a bit stale

Very hard to master
Very rewarding to play
Not very gear dependent (he makes everything good)
Very powerful

You couldn’t pick any two that are more polar opposites.

Sal is all about prep: A good build and good gear are crucial, but if you have them, you can suck all you want you’ll still win :stuck_out_tongue:

Zero is all about execution: Build and gear matter much less, but your timing and flow must be impeccable. Play flawlessly and Zero becomes the most powerful character in the game, make a mistake and you’ll immediately feel how squishy he is.

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It just so happens that both Sal and Zero were the first two characters I tried when friends introduced me to the game. (As an aside I’ve played all 6 characters up to OP8, so I don’t discriminate :laughing:).
That said Sal’s action ability can lead to some pretty broke builds but that’s only if you want to go Pimpernel/Ahab abusing like some folks do. Sal’s strengths are major health regen when using his action skill, ammo regeneration (except for grenades and launcher ammo), and possibly having one of the most pure weapon damage skills in the game, Money Shot (whether Sal’s skills were done intentionally like this or not is something I’m not sure of- it doesn’t hurt my enjoyment of him). Drawback is that a lot of folks feel that he’s OP because of the way his action skill can let him abuse game mechanics and a lot of Sal players use the standard Sal build/gear of DPUH+GN+MS- a formula that while it works well, can get stale after a long while.

The best example I can give of Zero’s strength’s is to go to Youtube and do a search for Zero builds- when you get to any done by a gent with the name of Man of Low Moral Fiber (aka MoLMF), pay attention- his vids with both melee and sniper Zero builds do a far better job than I could of explaining how powerful Zero can be. The major drawback is that Zero IS a glass cannon and will take a lot of skill and practice to play well. He’s nowhere near to being a tank and if you slip up and play him like Krieg, Sal or even Axton you’re going to get very frustrated. :rage: But once you get a handle on him you could most likely hit the damage cap with any weapon you use with him- he’s about the only character that would push Sal into second place as far as how much theoretical damage he can do…


If you like Krieg, Sal is your next best bet. They both have kind of similar play styles, since they can both tank ridiculous amounts of damage and boost the heck out of their DPS.

Sal is also a character that gains power in the thick of combat, with skills like Inconceivable and All Out of Bubblegum working when his shields are down, and Sexual Tyrannosaurus only working while being hit. Depending on whether you played a hellborn Krieg or a melee Krieg, Sal will feel extremely familiar (normal Sal builds and hellborn Kriegs share some similarities). If you played melee Krieg, know that Sal’s melee build is nowhere near as powerful, although it works well enough for mobbing and some mini-bosses.

OK! I’ll make the decision for you.

You’re playing as Sal… No, I mean Zero… No, Axton… Krieg… Maya… Gaige…Dammit! I don’t know! They’re all so cool!:sunglasses:


I concur with this. :smile:

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She does. Her’s is handled by @Vycksta:

Stupid forum. :dukefp:

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Two guns > one gun

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Only if you’re compensating for something. :dukewhistle:


Hey, that’s just a mathematical fact! I never stated which was the better character ;p

Though I do get the joke, heh heh!

I must have a “Krieg syndrome”, because after playing K, all other classes seem very, very, strange to play.

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That’s right! With two guns, you’ll burn through your ammo supply twice as fast, and with two guns, you’ll miss twice as many shots. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


People actually run out of ammo as Sal? After 2,000 hours I’m still not even convinced it’s possible. As for the missed shots…only if your aim is terrible.