Zer0 Origin Hints?

After I beat Katagawa on a new playthrough I doubled back to the vendor to sell loot and then go get the chests in Rhys & Zer0’s hangout and caught a voice line from Zer0 I missed every other time:

“Damn, Katagawa/ How did he copy my suit/ She wouldn’t… Never”

Who is SHE, and what does she know about Zer0’s Suit???

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When I first heard that dialogue, my mind immediately jumped to the mysterious 0ne from the Sparky sidequest in Son of Craw. I’m not sure we ever got gender confirmation on who that is, and I haven’t played that mission in ages, but that’s who I thought he might be referring to.


I think it’s just Gbx being deliberately mysterious. Though it is somewhat hinted at that Zer0 might or might not have a crush on Loreley and in case they would be in a relationship, she might have gotten ahold of the suit.


I considered that, but it seemed like such a leap and I would have expected it to be someone with a more technical background/ skill set, like Tannis or Moxxi, or a character we know nothing about.

The stealth tech is implied to come from Hyperion R & D on stalkers in TPS.


That would also be possible, yes. It was at least implied that Tannis knows more about Zer0.


I believe it was in Fight For Sanctuary?, there was that one Echo where Tannis claimed to know Zer0’s identity and it got cut off when she started to spill the beans.


I don’t remember that, but one of the premium editions for Bl2 basically had a page from a pandoran newspaper where Tannis was asked about Zer0 and was about to reveal his identity but then the page ended.

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That might be what I’m thinking of, I have slept since then.

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