Zer0 scaling in UVHM

I really hate how they made slag a necessity for UVHM and made all the other DoTs useless - it really sucked.


Gaige’s middle tree, my favorite skill tree in the game, was significantly weaker in UVHM, and was rendered utterly useless in the OP levels. I tried so hard to find a way to make it viable. I was heartbroken

And Melee/Cunning Zer0 was next to useless as well. It sucked.

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me that my second favorite skill tree was useless as well! Lol

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What do you mean? Melee zer0 or cunning zer0 makes a mockery of the game. In fact pretty much any zer0 style can destroy the game


UVHM. Unless you slag them first, your melee attacks do barely anything, even if you have got your hands on a Law. In my opinion, the only workable style for Zer0 past True Vault Hunter Mode is fully specced into Sniper, with a few left over points in Cunning.

Cunning’s always been my favourite style, but apart from the Kunai, most of it becomes useless at UVHM.
Bloodshed is better, but only marginally so. But maybe I’m just playing him wrong =D

I think so because I’ve played with a ton of melee zer0s at op8 and they have no issues at all. Look up strikerzidane on YouTube or man of low moral fiber or you need a high on twitch.

I don’t really do melee zer0 but I don’t find it really difficult on op8.

Gun zer0, sniper zer0, and melee zer0 all can excel on any level of the game.

I can also show op8 shotgun zer0 or at zer0


You had to have gimmicky gear to make Melee zero viable in uvhm.

EDIT: didn’t see you posted a vid, I’ll watch it in a bit. At work rn

It’s same as you would use on tvhm.

Roid shield, rapier, rubi/grog, ffyl gun, Tesla/chain lightning, cool down relic, melee com.

This is also getting off topic I can split this off if you want to continue.

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Hold. The. Phone. Being able to absolutely demolish enemy’s and cloak for long periods of time is USELESS? I disagree


I have over 20 days of gameplay with each character besides Gaige, and can say, Zero was my favorite to play legit. Salvador is too, what’s the right word? Glitchy?

Cloaking was great, but I personally just found that his damage dropped like a stone after I started TVHM.

Tvhm or uvhm, because it honestly wouldn’t matter much in tvhm and in uvhm, u have all the skill points to make good use of the tree

Yeah, but again I just found with enemy health regen it’s a little more difficult. But maybe I’m just bad =D

I made it to 72 with Zer0 playing almost exclusively with a melee build (by the time I hit 72, I was able to spec into B0re and that helped a bit with those bosses who don’t like melee builds), but for the most part it was not too much of a struggle to get there. At level 72 I’m still using a level 54 slag Rapier that took me hours to farm, but it’s still effective so I still use it. Longbow 0.0 Tesla for shield stripping (both mine and theirs), Hide of Terry, Rapier/Grog (if I need the health), kbai thanks for playing.

It requires a pretty specific set up to get the most out of it, but it’s certainly at least viable through UVHM. I haven’t taken Zer0 through the Peak yet (been playing a lot of TPS and BL1 lately) but I can think of only a few spots where I’d have hiccups specifically because I’m playing a melee character.


Maybe, it’s the pants…get rid of them.



I am taking my first Gaige through NVHM now and planning to invest heavily into LBT later on. Please don’t tell me this is true. :sob:

I’ve run a LBT/BFF build throughout all my time with Gaige. When I finally got into the 60s and 70s, I was able to spec far enough down OC to get to Discord, so my build is a LBT/BFF build with Discord popping for badasses and mini-bosses. It’s extremely effective, at least through OP1 (which is as far as I’ve taken Gaige).

Is this topic for real?


Not everyone follows time trials and Youtube content. It’s very possible that, just based on individual perception, people could come to these conclusions.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things most of us here would be doing differently if we didn’t read forums or find BL2 content of YT. Our in game experience can differ from reality if we don’t have other people show us what we’re doing wrong.

Without “Slag, Wind, and Fire”, it would be difficult to make a compelling case for LBT Gaige since matching elements is mathematically better than shock not factoring intangibles like swap speed. Without dozens of people uploading videos for how to play melee Zero, a lot of people would have trouble with him. Heck, people wouldn’t even have deputy Sal, or know how to bore raids, or that Axton doesn’t suck if it wasn’t for the propagation of content aimed at educating people on these matters.

Basically, their points are certainly feasible. They may not be true in this forum, where we know that other people have an easier time of it and we’re probably not as good at certain things. But I don’t think that means people’s in game experiences don’t count. If you haven’t got them down, Zero and Gaige can be difficult to work with.