Zer0 sniper build question

I was looking at the build collections and found @CoonTail 's “The Thievius Raccoonus” build. Why is ‘Velocity’ not invested? Is it not good in OP8?


The 2 best Snipers in the game, the Lyuda and Pimpernel, are hurt by Velocity.


I wouldn’t say hurt as much as altered in a way that makes them potentially weaker. It does make them produce more damage, but when one is taking advantage of the weapons’ unique projectile behavior, Accelerate can make this more difficult to achieve due to the way it alters this projectile behavior. If you can still pull the shot off properly, you will have more damage, but this makes these shots go from tricky to very difficult.


To expand on that: velocity causes the child bomblets of the Pimpernel to travel farther than what they would normally do. So instead of aiming at the waist of an enemy, you’d have to aim at the feet instead.

If you’re not using a Pimp or a Lyuda/White Death, Cheuk, then velocity is perfectly fine.


It also causes the Twister Shotgun to travel farther, but with less B0re potential, and the Unkempt Harold I believe splits up a bit later (reducing its power at close range.) Otherwise, like Gulf said, go ahead and use Velocity.


The issue with Velocity in my build has been noted by Adabiviak, Geno, and Gulfwulf.

To further explain the issue heres the problem with Vel0city.

First off 4 of the major guns in this build are

  1. The Pimpernel
  2. The Lyuda
  3. The Twister
  4. The Bekah

These 4 guns are ALL impacted in a major way by Vel0city as noted by Gulfwulf. Vel0city increases the distance at which bullets from guns(with unlisted pellets) split. Due to the Lyuda’s/Pimpernel’s/Bekah’s increased split distance from Vel0city these guns will have a larger distance till the “sweetspot” range which in turn minimizes the guns damage unless you constantly are micromanaging distance. In the special case of the Pimpernel, Vel0city causes the child bomblets to travel MUCH further than normal. This in turn brings about two major issues which are first…that as you increase the amount of Vel0city in the Pimpernel, not only does the sweetspot lower from the pelvis to the feet incrementally it also makes the Pimpernel deal less damage on non-bipod enemies. This means if you aren’t fighting humans/bots, then the Pimpernel will be less and lesss effective majorly when it comes to damage. Second due to Vel0city being increased there is less time for your PC to handle the calculations, so if you are losing frames then increasing Vel0city WILL equate out io lost damage because the increased Bullet speed MINIMIZES the frames that the game will be able to pick up on the hitbox detections.

In the case of the Twister it is a very similiar issue to the last point I raisaed about the Pimpernel. As you increase Vel0city the Twister pellets travel faster meaning any dropped frames result in less damage because your PC does not have the time to process all the B0re procs + pellets connecting.

In short I chose to not take Vel0city in this build because the four major guns(Pimpernel, Lyuda, Twister Bekah) are all negatively impacted or hindered by Vel0city(IMO of course this is not fact as higher end PCs handle Vel0city without issue). Due to this and the fact that Vel0city’s gun damage & crit damage are still messed up (you only receive HALF the bonus listed) I find little to no use for that skill.

Please feel free to test out other guns and Vel0city for yourself, but with all the testing that went into this build Vel0city never really held my attention.


Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! :smiley:


No problem my friend I always enjoying seeing others use this build.


Not in every situation, though.


Now this was extremely helpful…thanks for all the info…I just recently started Uvhm with my Banbury pimpernel and never knew that velocity made tht big of a difference on it…u are awesome bro lol