Zer0 song share thread

Krieg and Axton both have one, so I decided to make a thread for Zer0 too. This is fun! Just share songs you think would make a good theme for Zer0. I’ll start with the best theme for Zer0 I can think of:

This could work too, to a certain extent:

And this one just because of the title and overall atmosphere (kinda reminds me of The Heavy):

A little-known band from home


Long-distance sniping:

Pure melee:


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Those are great choices! :smile:

Alright, I gave the other threads some Motörhead, so I need to “Lemmy up” this place as well. This one for sniper Zer0:

Like a sniper, I’ve got my sights on you
Windscreen wiper, there ain’t no spoiling my view
Silver bandoleer, my profession’s clear

Infra red vein, don’t you come out at night
Infra red chain, you’re gonna buy your life
Silver pistol too, with a notch for you

You’re the contract, I’m gonna nail you down
I’m the contact, with your final round
And I’m stalking you, and that ain’t all I do

And this one for melee Zer0:

Murder I am, you know it was me
I was the one, that you didn’t see
I was the cut, down to your bone
I put you there under that stone

I, I am the blade, I am the dream of the brave
I, I am the knife, I bring grief to your life
I, I am the sword, I am the word of the Lord

Do what you will, I bring you the edge
I am the one to sever your head
I cut so deep, I can cut straight
All depends on the moves you make

I, I am the blade, I am the promise unmade
I, I am the knife, I bring death to your life
I, I am the axe, to stop you dead in your tracks
I, I am the sword, I bring the fear of the Lord

Centuries pass, dust in the wind
I shall remain, shining in sin
The metal I am, the iron you feel
The song of the dead, the chorus of steel

I, I am the blade, I break the oath that you made
I, I am the mace, I am the blow in the face
I, I am the axe, to cut down heroes like rats
I, I am the sword, I do the work of the Lord

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Well, as an assassin Zer0 is a quick, stealthy killer, so I don’t think he needs a grand song to kill to. Therefore:


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Best one yet, @ACNAero! :laughing:

As far as instrumental pieces go, I think Zer0 is the best suited for classical music out of all the characters. These would be my choices:

This is always my go to Zer0 song. It fits him and his melee style almost to a T.

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Everytime I play melee Zer0…


I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…

I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley.

:wink: D


Came across this thread going through the Zero threads earlier today. Ended up listening to the Live to Ride comp as I am doing my last push for the day, when this track came on:

Satanic Rites (UK) - 1983 Heavy Metal Records (early NWOBHM)

Lyrics, not so much, but still made me think of Zer0

This one, however, is a pretty good fit

Mythra - Killer, 1979 Guardian Records (more early NWOBHM, also I have had the good fortune of scoring a first press for 5 bucks back in the mid aughts)

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Good call!

I’m throwing two more out there.

First, in memory of Lemmy, and due to the action skill
Hawkwind - Psychedelic Warlords (that disappear in smoke)

Second, I see your Creeping Death, and Raise you:

Phantom Lord

“Hear the cry of War
Louder than before
With his sword in hand
to control the land
Crushing metal strikes
on this frightening night
Fall onto your knees
For the Phantom Lord”



Loving all the suggestions @maxageddon and @AMG_75.

NWOBHM really seems to fit Zer0’s style, and since that’s the vibe the thread is currently in:

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Good call!

I don’t know why but this makes me think of Zer0
Linkin Park - Session


and this